Too much to write about this morning, so we will just describe the pictures supplied by our prize winning photo collectors.

But first Charles Helsper provided prayer and the Madouse household started the pledge. We welcomed Mike Croll with John Bowen, Sean Rogers with Buck, and Linda Peters with our speaker Wendy Patrick who stands next to president Carla in the photo.

And the winners of the Oratorical Contest were..Bronze Winner Marietta Renison, 6th grader from Sacred Heart who talked about Helen Keller, Winston Churchill, and KT Rollins in convincing us of the difference between Optimism and Realism. A quote “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again”.

Valeria Quiroga, also in the 6th grade at Sacred Heart, took the Silver Medal talking about her grandfather,as an eternal Optimist provide a course for her in trying to make a difference in many of the problems Valeria observes in our corner of the world.

Logan McKerring is and 8th grader in Sacred Heart and he took the Gold with a delightful talk about perceptions of reality, the unreality of the # world and the reality of life threatening health issues where Optimism and family love are the keys to hope.

Principal Peter Harris introduced teacher Courtnie Marshall (in the photo next to Gene) who acted at the guide for these young, accomplished speakers. The parents were justifiable proud of their flocks.

Wendy Patrick came from the County DA office where she leads the Sex Crimes & Human Trafficking Division. She told us about her book Red Flags–Separating the Dangerous from the Desirable. She held our attention with stories of prosecuting bad folks and sometime have a hard time convincing juries that the angel in front of them was posing.

Next week our website designer will show show us how we look to those who look. Take a look yourself and bring recommendations.

Jack Larison is recovering from a virus at Fredricka Mannor in Chula Vista.

$$$ Giving Away The Cash $$$

We gave $400 to the Boys Lacrosse team which was represented by Coach Alec Cade and his three captains. They come out of the chute Friday at 7 PM against a bruising team from Texas.


Matt Jordon is filling out the watch squad for the Flower Show Security. Email Matt at <> to get on the list. The show is the weekend of April 13.

The CHS Cheer Squad took first place in the National Cheer Meet in Vegas. Here they are showing off the National Champion jackets.

Doctor Suess you say?

Can you see through the disguises? Everybody had a most catlike time!

Anniversaries and Birthdays

  • Anniversaries Dana Cavanaugh (8 years), Charles Helsper (9), Bill and Bobbie Howland (5 &3), Beau Blumenthal (5), Caroline
  • Williams (27), Jack Larison (29).
  • Birthdays Tom Catlin, Charlie Ahern, Caroline Williams