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  •  - President: Tom Meadows

    Chartered with 26 members. Meeting place: La AVENIDA Restaurant. Breakfast: eggs, sausage, hash browns, toast, coffee. Cost: $.99. First budget: $2,100. First fund raising net: $8.22! “Yes We Can” started as a joint community service effort of all service clubs. First oratorical contest (boys only); winner advanced to and was runner-up at the International final contest, held in Minneapolis. Optimist of the Year: Dave Nash. Year end membership: 26.

  •  - President: Don Parkinson

    Began sponsorship of Coronado Club Pack 122. First Sports Fiesta; net profit $1,460! Assumed sole responsibility for “Yes We Can” program when joint effort faltered. Optimist of the Year: Lew Hardy | Year end membership: 30

  •  - President: Wynn Foster

    Awarded first college scholarships: two at $500 each. Club incorporated. Optimist motto changed from “Friend of the Boy” to “Friend of Youth.” Received Optimist International President Achievement Award for membership growth and youth programs sponsored. Optimist of the Year: Norm Bild | Year end membership: 40

  •  - President: Dave Nash

    Energy crisis year. Club decorated “dark” Orange Avenue Christmas tree with colorfully painted aluminum cans. First boy-girl oratorical contest! Wynn Foster served as Zone 5 Lieutenant Governor. Optimist of the Year: Wynn Foster | Year end membership: 45

  •  - President: Bob Weaver

    Girl orator won district contest, $600 scholarship. Sports Fiesta successful, but surfing event canceled because of no surf. Year end membership: 45

  •  - President: Norm Bild

    Sports Fiesta surfing event delayed, finally canceled in December because of no surf. First participation in “Walk for Mankind”! “Yes We Can” set 1000-pounds-per-hour “record”. Year end membership: 53

  •  - President: Glenn English

    Boy orator won distract oratorical contest, $700 scholarship. Octagon Club formed at Coronado High School. “Members only” gold Sports Fiesta t-shirts introduced. Dave Nash served as Zone 5 Lieutenant Governor. Optimist of the Year: Bob Weaver | Year end membership: 61

  •  - President: Don Renz

    Scholarships increased to three at $500 each. Sponsored “Day with the Navy” outing for 500 children. Began funding the Navy, Marine band transportation costs for summer concert- in-the-park series. Optimist of the Year: Paul Smith. Year end membership: 65.

  •  - President: Jack Schubert

    Awarded first Life Membership. First periodic honoring of outstanding local youth! Increased $500 scholarships to four! Optimist of the Year: Ben Harris. Year end membership: 73.

  •  - President: Paul Bryan

    Annual budget topped $10,000. “Silver Jubilee” (75 or more members) status achieved. Out-grew La Avenida Restaurant; met temporarily at Church of the Voyager, with Optimist wives preparing breakfasts. Subsequently moved meeting place to NAB officer’s open mess! First “Bike for Breath” participation and Bike Safety Week program. 10K Run added to Sports Fiesta. Optimist of the Year: Wynn Foster. Year end membership: 82.

  •  - President: Dave Thomas

    Annual budget $15,000. First annual wives’ breakfast. Most forgettable program: skin cancer color slide show following that breakfast. First annual Allied Officers Breakfast. Major scholarship award established in memory of former club member Lew Hardy, deceased. “Yes We Can” record of 3,825 pounds in a single day established. Jack Schubert served as Zone 5 Lieutenant Governor. Optimist of the Year: Jake Sloan. Year end membership: 98.

  •  - President: Buck Rogers

    Achieved “Century Club” (100 or more members) status. Most forgettable program: Dr. Theresa Crenshaw’s presentation on “implant” surgery and live demonstration of results. First Junior World Golf program participation! First mid-year Community Concert! Boy orator won district oratorical contest, $800 scholarship. Most successful Sports Fiesta ever: 700+ participants, $6,800 profit for Youth Fund. Awards: Distinguished President and Honor Club; Distract Scrapbook; OI “Added Dimensions of Service” (community concert project). Paul Bryan served as Zone 5 Lieutenant Governor. Optimist of the Year: Larry Bunce. Year end membership: 101.

  •  - President: Jack Sloan

    College scholarship awards increased to $3,500. Over 9,000 aluminum can pull- tops collected from “Yes We Can” to help provide dialysis machine for a Vallejo boy. Achieved Honor Club status! Buck Rogers served as Zone 5 Lieutenant Governor. Optimist of the Year: King Deutsch. Year end membership: 106.

  •  - President: Larry Bunce

    Single meeting attendance record set (70 members). Youth fund received a “bonus” contribution of $600 from proceeds of Men’s Golf Club “Celebrity Tournament”. College scholarships increased to $4,500. Awards: Honor Club, District Best Scrapbook. Optimist of the Year: Joe Adkins. Year end membership: 113.

  •  - President: Dave Munns

    $4,000 gift to Coronado Public Library to construct Children’s Listening-Viewing Center. Sports Fiesta Triathlon a major success with 640 participants! Awards: Honor Club; District Convention Best Scrapbook. Wynn Foster elected to serve as California South District Governor for 1986-87 year. Optimist of the Year: Gordon Egbert. Year end membership: 118.

  •  - President: Joe Adkins

    Coronado Public Library Children’s Listening-Viewing Center dedicated to memory of Robert Hoppe. Sports Fiesta Triathlon dropped due to no access to North Island; beach Biathlon with limited success. Overall Sports Fiesta participation down! Awards: Honor Club; District Best Scrapbook. Additional major scholarship award established in memory of Dave Munns. Buck Rogers elected to serve California South District Governor for 1987-88 year. Record 99% member attendance established September 11. Optimist of the Year: Hank Bower. Year end membership: 118.

  •  - President: Roy Mantz

    Girl orator won district oratorical contest, $1,000 scholarship. Sports Fiesta site shifted to Glorietta Bay Park; Triathlon re-instituted with excellent participation; cable swim event introduced. Wynn Foster served as District Governor. Joe Adkins served as Zone 5 Lieutenant Governor; achieved distinguished status, Outstanding District Lieutenant Governor of the Year. Buck Rogers and team built new Optimist club in Imperial Beach. Awards: Distinguished President; Honor Club; District Best Scrapbook. Optimist of the Year: Jack Couture. Year end membership: 122.

  •  - President: Casey Reynolds

    Boy orator won district contest, $1,500 scholarship. February concert and Sports Fiesta highly successful, both in participation and fund-raising! Jan Sheffer inducted as first female member. Buck Rogers served as District Governor. Jake Sloan served as Zone 5 Lieutenant Governor, elected to serve as 1989-90 District Governor. Wynn Foster and team built new Optimist club in National City. Awards: Distinguished President; Honor Club; District Best Scrapbook and Best Club Bulletin. Optimist of the Year: Bob Sheridan. Year end membership: 132.

  •  - President: Jim Rodgers

    Successful Mid-Winter Concert, Sports Fiesta. Jake Sloan served as Governor- elect. Past Governor Buck Rogers and associates built a new Optimist club in La Jolla. Joe Adkins elected to serve as 1990-91 District Governor. Awards: District Best Scrapbook, large club category; Runner-up District Best Club Bulletin, large club category. Optimist of the Year: Burr Williams. Year end membership:” 129.

  •  - President: Bill McClure

    Successful Mid-winter Concert, Sports Fiesta. Jake Sloan served as District Governor. Joe Adkins served as District Governor-elect. Optimist Night with the Soccers netted $150 for Youth Fund. Funded “Doppler” speed cart for Coronado PD. New Sports Fiesta shirts approved. Membership dues increased to $60/year. Boy orator won District Oratorical Contest, $1,500 scholarship. College scholarship awards increased to $6,000. Awards: Honor Club; Best Bulletin, large club category; runner-up District Best Scrapbook, large club category. Optimist of the Year: Art McArthur. Year end membership: 129.

  •  - President: Ed Crow

    Mid-Winter Concert attendance up. Summer Sports Fiesta successful, but participation slightly down. Joe Adkins served as District Governor. Larry Bunce served as Zone 5 Lieutenant Governor. Awarded $6,000 in college scholarships! Wynn Foster elected as 1991-93 International Vice President. Awards: Honor Club; runner-up District Best Scrapbook, Large Club Category. Optimist of the Year: Ted Stearns. Year end membership: 129.

  •  - President: Jack Chilton

    Successful Mid-Winter Concert, Sports Fiesta. Innovative golf events added to Sports Fiesta. Wynn Foster served as International Vice President. Successful “Steak and Beans” new member recruiting drive! Membership dues increased to $65.00. Two scholarships awarded two students who overcame difficulties to graduate. Increased focus on programs designed to aid 8-12 years old. Achieved Honor Club status! Optimist of the Year: Del Cummins. Year end membership: 131

  •  - President: John Freeman

    The club survived under the leadership of a civilian for the first time in its history. Mid-winter concert a success at new venue, Lowes Coronado! Sports Fiesta completed without a hitch. Wynn Foster served a second year and International Vice President. Teacher’s aide program expanded. Club assumed full responsibility for clean-up of north half of Silver Strand Highway. Jake Sloan chaired a successful district convention in Pasadena. Club contributed $2,000 to Project Pride, a renovation of Coronado High School. Awards: Honor Club; District Best Bulletin, large club category. Optimist of the Year: Ed Chapman. Year end membership: 130.

  •  - President: Bob Sheridan

    Spring Concert moved to Amphibious Base Theater. Successful Sports Fiesta headed by Ed Crow. Expanded Youth Appreciation Week program to include students from all Coronado schools! Expanded Assistance to Teachers program! Established club award for Educator of the Year! Received award for Best Club in District for first quarter! Achieved Distinguished Club status (Honor Club status and sponsor of Emerald Hills Optimist Club)! Optimist of the Year awarded jointly to Linda and Dick Stanton. Year end membership: 133.

  •  - President: Len Rausch

    Spring Concert again a huge success, thanks to efforts of Bill Jepson. A Junior Optimist Club was established at the Coronado Middle School, under the guidance of Kay Mann. “Roller Blade Racers” event was added to Sports Fiesta menu. Achieved “Honor Club status” for membership growth and sponsorship of a variety of youth-oriented programs! King Deutsch was named Optimist of the Year for leadership in Sports Fiesta. Year end membership: 144.

  •  - President: Malcolm Jolley

    Spring concert, with site shifted to Grande Hall at Hotel Del Coronado, was a sell-out success. Special effort applied to make Sports Fiesta, our 25th, extra special. Program ad sales, under guidance of Ted Stearns, were up as a result. Bob Sheridan named Optimist of the Year. Club scrapbook received 2nd place award in district competition. Year end membership: 147.

  •  - President: Ed Chapman

    Annual budget topped $19,000. Volunteerism and club reputation in community continued strong. Proceeds from successful Spring Concert (Bill Jepson, Chairman) and Sports Fiesta (Jack Davis, Chairman) provided healthy continuance of both old and new projects. Jack Davis named Optimist of the Year. Fred Hauck honored with Life Membership. Year end membership: 148.

  •  - President: King Deutsch

    Membership topped 150, with a $19,500 annual budget and Honor Club status. Bill Jepson again successful in Spring Concert role, this year on Loews site! Pete Cutler exceptional as Sports Fiesta Coordinator! Fourth of July parade participation reestablished. $6,000 awarded in college scholarships. An additional $1,500 provided for conflict resolution education. Under Ed Chapman, OI Foundation contributions exceeded $25 per member. Junior Optimist and Octagon Club sponsorships maintained. Optimist of the Year: Pete Cutler. Life Membership: Linda Stanton. Year end membership: 151.

  •  - President: Linda Stanton

    The club more than survived under the leadership of its first woman President. Spring Concert moved to NAS North Island theater, with excellent turn-out. Oratorical Contest male winner participated in CALSOUTH District Finals. $1,200 donated to purchase sailboat for high school sailing team. Golf tournament added to Sports Fiesta. Scrapbook runner-up, and club bulletin 2nd place, in district competition. OI Foundation contributions exceeded $25 per member. Joe Adkins served as Optimist International Vice President. Optimist of the Year: Paul Dudley. Life Member: Bill Jepson. Achieved Honor Club status with ending membership of 152!

  •  - President: Lee Cargill

    Youth & community service budget of $24,000. Major fund raisers were Spring Concert & Sports Fiesta. Sponsored Octagon & Jr. Optimist Clubs! Johanna Michael won district girls oratorical contest. Mike Anderson won zone boys oratorical contest. Sponsored $6,000 in CHS senior scholarships! Four members active at district level on various committees. Runner-up in district Scrapbook and Club Bulletin contests! Optimist of Year: Ginny Osgood. Life Membership Award: Ed Crow. Achieved Honor Club with ending membership of 152!

  •  - President: Al Aegerter

    The new millennium brought great things – a new martial arts tournament, a District Scrapbook Contest winner, and a new meeting location at the Coronado Yacht Club! The Spring Concert remained at NAS North Island, but Sports Fiesta went back to North Beach. The club was well represented at the Zone 3 level with Lee Cargill as Lieutenant Governor John Freeman as Zone 3 Optimist of the Year. The Octagon and JR Optimist Clubs both grew and, among other endeavors, we helped three Boy Scouts on their way to Eagle rank. Pat Kelly was selected as club Optimist of the Year and a Life Membership was awarded to Len Rausch. Year-end membership: 149.

  •  - President: John McKechnie

    Luckily, increased base security following 911 validated earlier decision to move meeting place to the Coronado Yacht Club. Spring Concert at the Hotel Del: Successful. CHS & CMS JOOI Club membership reached new highs. Sponsored three Octagon club members attendance at OI- JOOI convention in Indianapolis! Scholarships increased to $8,000 with creation of the Dave Nash Community Service Award. Water Polo and CMS Golf added to Youth Fund budget. Funding of Eagle Scout projects continued. 31st annual Sports Fiesta highly successful with use of NAS North Island facilities and a net income exceeding $24,000. Optimist Year: Sports Fiesta Chairman Diana Drummey. Life Membership award: Malcolm Jolley. Achieved Honor Club status with addition of 14 new memberships! Year end membership: 151.

  •  - President: Jim Cartwright

    Meetings attendance average of 65-75. Winter concert at Hotel Del Coronado with terrific turnout of nearly 800! Sports Fiesta remained at North Beach with terrific cooperation from Navy and City of Coronado. Five scholarships, totaling $11,000, awarded to Coronado High School graduates, including one in remembrance of recently deceased Past President Bob Weaver. Participation in seven community and school events, and more than $25,000 provided in support of youth activities. Recognition: Past President Jim Rodgers, Life Membership award; Joanie and Ric Adkins, Optimist of the Year; Diana Drummey, Sports Fiesta Chairperson. Club achieved Honor Club status. Year end membership: 151.

  •  - President: Rich Thomas

    Meeting attendance continued robust, principally with informative programs on War on Terrorists by representatives from the military. Youth activities included Octagon Club work for fund raising to provide Christmas decorations to our troops and supplies for building and rebuilding schools in IRAQ. Six scholarships awarded to CHS seniors totaled $12,200, including two remembrance of recently deceased Optimists, Past President Paul Bryan and past Coronado High School principal Wilf Seaman. Recognition Awards: Life Membership to Del Cummins, Presidential Citation to Marilyn Schaefer. (Program Chairperson), and Optimist of the Year to Richard Madouse! Club achieved Honor Club status. Year end membership: 151.

  •  - President: Pat Kelly

    Application was made for 501 (C) (3) non-profit, tax exempt corporation status. Approval, retroactive to October 2004, is expected during the 2005-2006 Optimist year. Attendance at club meetings continued to be good, with 50-50 Youth Fund-raiser project growing in popularity. Guest speaker programs continued at high quality. Scholarships in the amount $8,000 were awarded to graduating high school seniors. Life Membership was awarded to Marilyn Schaefer and club Treasurer John Freeman was selected was the Optimist of the Year. Year end membership: 134.

  •  - President: Lance Massey

    Sports Fiesta (Ledge Hakes, Chairman) and the Spring Concert, reinstated after a year’s absence (B.J. Adelson, Chairman), were the primary fund raisers for the Youth Fund. Scholarship awards totaled $9600, which included a one-time $3600 Scot Goodfellow Scholarship Award. The Club Articles of Incorporation and BYLAWS were amended to reflect the club’s not-for-profit status. The membership approved a $12.00 increase in club dues. Participation in the Essay Contest was canceled due to a lack of participation. Weekly programs continued to be informative and interesting including a presentation by the U.S. Comptroller General. Four new members joined the Club. Jim Cartwright was named Optimist of the Year and John McKechnie was awarded a Life Membership. Year end membership: 119.

  •  - President: Jack Larison

    Sports Fiesta and Spring Concert fund raisers well attended and profitable, supporting an abundance of individual and collective youth-oriented projects. Awarded scholarships in Liberal Arts and Science, and a Memorial Scholarship in honor of club members who went on to a higher home! Two new activities added: A “Cider and Snaps” kiosk at the annual Christmas Parade and a fun type dog show, “Dog Days @ the Cays”. Each drew wide interest and good attendance, encouraging hope for growth next year. Irish Flynn, our resourceful Program Chairman, named Optimist of the Year. Lee Cargill selected for Life Membership award. Year-end membership: 114.

  •  - President: Jim Alley

    Our year featured establishment of a wonderful new relationship with Naval Special Warfare Group One, under Commodore Tom Brown, and Navy SEAL families. Jim Cartwright lent a huge helping hand to recovering Ledge Hakes and, along with Dick Madouse, produced another highly successful Sports Fiesta. Selected as Optimist of the Year, Carla Fargo to established a fabulous working relationship with new Sports Fiesta sponsor, Family Gym of Coronado, and recruiting its owner, Joe Ochoa, as a new member. John Freeman, with help from B.J. Adelson, got the ball rolling on creation of a tax-exempt Coronado Optimist Foundation. Life Member: Jim Cartwright. Year-end membership: 110.

  •  - President: Leslie Crawford

    Our major fundraisers, Spring Concert (B.J. Adelson) and Sports Fiesta (Don Crawford, Jim Cartwright) were successful. Dick Madouse headed a new Sports Fiesta fundraising campaign. Our boy and girl contestants each won first place awards in their annual District Oratorical Contest categories. Also, in the District Essay Contest, our contestant won second place. The Club awarded two $2,500 college scholarships to CHS graduating seniors. The Club moved its meeting location from the Coronado Yacht Club to the Coronado Community Center. Optimist of the Year: Jennifer Landry. Life Membership Award: Irish Flynn. Year-end membership: 106

  •  - President: John Bowen

    Continued youth-supporting activities. April designated “Optimist Internet Safety Month” in Coronado, with a well-accepted full page ad in local newspaper. New Sports Fiesta fundraising campaign netted a record $32,000. Optimist of the Year: Bernie Roeder. Life Membership Award: Stu Powell. Year-end membership: 110

  •  - President: Irish Flynn

    The Club gained 14 new splendidly active members, but mourned the deaths of four members, three of those past presidents. New member, Brennan Hovland, boldly stepped up to be treasurer. Joan Madouse organized memorable programs all year. Coronado High School Octagon Club (Carla Fargo) and the Middle School’s Junior Optimist Club (Jennifer Landry) flourished. Sports Fiesta week (Golf-John Bowen; Diving-Bernie Roeder; Big Three-Don Crawford) were successful and enjoyable, while fundraising (Carla Fargo) set a record high. Two CHS seniors were each awarded $4,000 scholarships. The Optimist Club of Coronado granted money to a myriad of youth activities. Optimist of the Year: Don Crawford. Membership Award: Jack Larison. Year-end membership: 115.

  •  - President: Dick Madouse

    The Club achieved Distinguished Club status with the addition of 20 new members and 3 Friends of Optimist. Weekly meeting attendance continued robust, with frequent calls for additional tables/chairs. The Sports Fiesta Fundraising Campaign, led by Carla Fargo, and the Sports Fiesta Event, with Don Crawford at the helm, were highly successful. Total Donations & Event Income -$45K. Our Club granted funds to a wide range of youth activities, with significant emphasis on academic & athletic programs within the Coronado Unified School District. We stayed within budget. The CHS Octagon Club and CMS Jr. Optimist Club continued to flourish. A major highlight was our sponsorship of the Miracle League—Baseball for the Disabled. With Mark Blumenthal in the lead, Green Field at Village Elementary became the South Bay home for Miracle League. Four CHS Seniors were each awarded a $2,000 scholarship. Optimist of the Year: Joanie Madouse. Life Membership Award: Forrest ‘Gooch’ Goetschius. Year end membership: 132

  •  - President: Charlie Ahern

    Coronado Optimist Youth Affiliates increased to 100 members, including a new Alpha club in Village Elementary. The CHS Octagon Club was awarded National Club Status by Optimist International and Victoria Meek was elected to the International Board. Don Crawford again arranged a splendid Sports Fiesta, with 400 athletes; and Carla Fargo raised $45,000 for the youth fund. Coronado Optimists funded 55 Programs and 5 Scholarships for the youth of Coronado, including the first annual Winn Foster Memorial Scholarship. Breakfast Meeting attendance featured outstanding programming by Michael Napolitano and grew to 80 members. Mark Blumenthal chaired an important new Optimist Strategic Planning Committee. Past Lt. Gov. Alan Aegerter was awarded Lifetime Membership and Laura Lynn Meek was named Optimist of the Year. Year end Membership: 142.

  •  - President: Mark Blumenthal

    Another fabulous year to build upon! Lynn Meek was named the District’s “Zone Optimist of the Year” for her work in hosting the International youth convention in San Diego and growing our Junior Optimist, Octagon, and Alpha membership to over 100 kids with strong help from Jennifer Landry. Most significantly our Board of Directors moved Sports Fiesta to Labor Day weekend which brought our local youth back to the participation level we experienced in years passed. Once again the team of Carla Fargo and Don Crawford led another successful campaign moving us well over the $50,000 mark which allowed us to sponsor Coronado Concert in the Park on that same weekend. We finished the year strong with our first victory over the Rotary Club in Lawn Bowling. Jim Cooper became our 36th Life Member in his 39th year with the Club. Clint Coneway became our 44th Optimist of the Year. 16 new inductions brought our year end membership to 146!

  •  - President: Bruce Johnson

    The Youth Activities budget for 2014/15 was $49,000 and funded a wide range of youth activities, with significant emphasis on academic and athletic programs within the Coronado Unified School District. Additionally, the Club provided $6,000 in college scholarships. The annual Sports Fiesta raised over $40,000. The club sponsored the free Thanksgiving Day movie, Charlie Brown’s Classic Thanksgiving followed by the Lion King. A heartfelt thank you to Lance Alspaugh who gave us the theater rent free for the event. Optimists supported the Go Play, Get Fit event sponsored by the Greater San Diego Area Recreation and Parks’ Coalition for Health and Wellness. Cynthia Kosciuczyk provided a wide variety of outstanding programs at our weekly Breakfast Meetings. Al Aegerter represented our club as the Lt. Governor of CALSO District 41. Carla Fargo volunteered to become the new Secretary mid-way through the year. Tom Kane presented a check for $300 to the Jim Zoll (presiding officer) as the third-place prize in the first annual lawn bowling for charity event. Our JOI Clubs (CHS Octagon, CMS Junior Optimists, and Village Alpha Club) flourished thanks to the herculean efforts of Laura Lynn Meek, Jennifer Landry, and Carla Fargo. The Octagon Club won the Distinguished Club award for the second year. Laura Lynn Meek received the President’s Citation from our OI President for her efforts with the JOI clubs in Coronado. Jennifer Landry successfully chaperoned our JOOI students at the annual JOOI Convention in New Orleans. The Middle School effort of JOOI raised $4,347.89 in pennies to fight childhood cancer in their annual “Pennies for Pasta” campaign. Don Crawford was awarded Lifetime Membership and Lynz Arendsee was named Optimist of the Year. Year-end Membership: 123.

  •  - President: Diana Drummey

    President Drummey kicked off the year with a bang and ended the year with 18 new members. The club participated in the annual events for Halloween, Christmas, and Easter with the Coronado Recreation as well as various scouting, school and community events. This year the club was involved in the inaugural Coronado Island Film Festival over the MLK weekend. Diana kept the club fun with crazy hats and apparel at numerous meetings as well as punctuating the year with poems about the club and its successes. We lost two of our members this year, Ed Crow and Wayne Crawford and honored one of our founding members, Dave Nash with a banner on the Avenue of Heroes in Coronado. Sports Fiesta continued on Labor Day weekend raising over $40,000 dollars. Our JOOI kids were Reel Video Champions for their fund raising video, Pennies for Pasta at the JOOI convention in Quebec City, Canada. Our own past president Al Aegerter was elected to be Governor of our CALSO district. President Drummey will now be Lt. Governor of Zone 2 representing Coronado Optimist Club. Lance Massey was awarded Lifetime Membership. Optimist of the Year: Cynthia Kosciuczyk. Year-end Membership: 132.

  •  - President: Jim Zoll

    Optimist Foundation budget of $54,000. Sponsored three Junior Optimist International (JOI) clubs; Octagon, Junior Optimist, and Alpha. Octagon member Cole Mullins is on the 2017-2018 Optimist International JOI Board. Newly instituted scholarship committee recommendations approved by Board of Directors. Octagon Club Scholarship for $2,000 to Jasmine Rippey, Scouts Scholarship award of $1,000 to Michael Cervantes, and NJROTC scholarship of $1,000 to Kerry Desmond. Former OCC member Dave Nash was honored on the Avenue of Heroes. Alan Aegerter District Governor, Governor-elect Diana Drummey, and LT Governor-elect Jim Zoll. Mark Blumenthal was selected as club Optimist of the Year and a Life Membership was awarded to Diana Drummey. Year-end membership: 114.

  •  - President: Don Crawford

    Optimist Foundation budget of $40,000. Sponsored two Junior Optimist International (JOI) clubs; Octagon and Junior Optimist. The Alpha club was disestablished due to lack of membership. Octagon President Cole Mullins was elected as Governor at the yearly JOI convention held in Ottawa, Canada. Essay Contest winner Tacoria Perry, and Oratorical winner Alyssa Couts. Octagon Club Scholarship for $2,000 to Dyanis Daleo, Scouts Scholarship award of $1,000 to Joshua Kelly, and NJROTC scholarship of $1,000 to Noah Schmid. Sports Fiesta ads sales netted $55,000. The Sports Fiesta went back to the last Saturday in July and netted over $8,000. OCC member Buck Rogers was honored on the Avenue of Heroes. We lost five of our members this year: Stan Searfus, Casey Reynolds, John McKechnie, Jim Perino, and Fritz Gaylord. New members: Karl Mueller, Sara Stillman, Jon Jacobson, Jim Jamison, John Schaefer, and Matt Smith. District election results: Governor Diana Drummey, Governor-elect, CALSO District 41 Jim Zoll, LT Governor-elect, Zone 2 Mark Blumenthal. Rob Kracht and Lyman Green were selected as club Optimists of the Year and a Life Membership was awarded to Renee Cavanaugh. Year-end membership: 100.