We are a local service organization dedicated to bringing out the best in youth through the empowerment of postive attitude

A California non-profit organization
Affiliate of Optimist International, California Southern District
Club number 41022 | Chartered September 28, 1970

Our Purpose

To develop Optimism as a philosophy of life utilizing the tenets of the Optimist Creed;

To promote an active interest in good government and civic affairs;

To inspire respect for the law;

To promote patriotism and work for international accord and friendship among all people;

To aid and encourage the development of youth, in the belief that the giving of one’s self in service to others will advance the well-being of human-kind, community life and the world.


How We Help

Through volunteerism and distribution of funds, we support over 50 activities that advance the education, leadership, and moral values of youth. SEE ALL YOUTH PROJECTS


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Halloween Happening Oct 26, 3:00-6:00 pm Coronado Community Center


Holiday Parade with JOI Cider and Snaps Tent Dec 7 from 5:00-7:00 pm


President – Carla Fargo
Vice President (Internal) – Renee Cavanaugh
Vice President (External) – Gene Rathswohl
Secretary – Paul Demke
Treasurer – Joe Moore

100 Years of Optimism

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Club News & Announcements

Weekly Optimist Meeting 07-11-2019

Giving Big Checks to the Scout, Lacrosse Professionals and More

Cynthia Kosciuczyk gave us prayer and Pat Kelly started the pledge, so under the steady hand of The Crawdad we moved into the middle of July. Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts took home big checks for their programs. Guest Mo Goetschius took home the big bucks from what used to be known as the drawing. Recovering Optimist Dick Madouse used leftover titanium screws from his hip surgery to repair our plaque which graces the podium on Thursday mornings. Thank you, Dick.

Pres pro tem Crawford didn't have jokes but did provide Coronado History Lessons to entertain. Who knew that the Coronado School district ran out of students in CHS and closed on July 11, 1901? Or that VS-42 didn't have any airplanes when the squadron was commissioned July 1935 so they broke a champagne bottle over the duty bicycle? Planes came later.

Dues were on the mind of Don. You can either bring a check or use plastic at the meeting next week. We want to get the collection out of the way NLT 31 July, so please help out.

Bill Parry gave us a rundown on our Sports Fiesta. If you don't have a job in our grand one-time-in-the-year event, and will be in town on July 27, contact Don Crawford for a key spot <udtra42@aol.com>. And do not forget to get your goldenrod shirt cleaned and pressed for our annual picture shoot on July 25.</udtra42@aol.com>

We have one more week to get our fundraising finished. Please get together with Rob Kracht with your latest donations.

Birthdays: Lee Cargill from Gridley; Cynthia Kosciuczyk from Worchester; Carla Fargo from that toddling town; Bob Kennelly from the Big Apple; Irish Flynn from 1,178-year-old Dublin, Ireland; and finally Teresa Leighty from KC, home of the best BBQ in the world.

Anniversaries: Christian Esquevin (31 years): Gootch Goetschius (30); Dennis Dorman (12); Peter Harris (6); Lyman Green (5); Caroline Lull (3); and Marta Radcliff (2).

We had a report of great things occurring at the OI Convention. Louisville was the site and we were well represented with inter alia Rosie the Riveter with her wrenches.

Our speaker this morning was Stefani Polonia representing the San Diego Seals. This is a professional lacrosse team that is starting up in town playing games at the Sports Arena. They finished last year confident that the team can make it here. Last week our own Bill Parry was honored by the club for all that Bill has done for lacrosse in San Diego.

Next week come and meet Serge Dedina, Mayor of Imperial Beach and Founder of Wild Coast. He will give us his take on the Tijuana Estuary pollution problems.


Donate to Youth Activities

Weekly Optimist Meeting 06-27-2019

July 4 and the discovery of raindeer in San Diego

Arne Nelson, one of the docents on the USS Midway also looks for interesting items from past issues of the U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings. Arne found this treasure in the January 1926 issue.

When visiting Havana, the crew of USS Powhatan was never able to pick the winner in the regular Sunday afternoon cock fights. A Chief Boatswain’s Mate named Gallagher was known to utter, “Tain’t natural to always lose.”

At a crew strategy session Gallagher suggested the way to reverse their fortunes was to bring an American bird to Havana upon the ship’s next visit. Gallagher was given the assignment of obtaining the American bird, and after a few months he secured one.

On the next trip to Havana he placed the bird in a cage adjacent to the wardroom chicken coop and cared for the bird on the ship’s journey from the U.S. east coast to Havana. With the first Sunday liberty, the crew, the “Great American Bird,” and a big bag of the crew’s money under the care of a certain Casey made their way to the sporting arena.

Powhatan’s pride, when placed in the ring with its Spanish opponent, took on an indifferent posture and seemed taken aback upon receiving the first blow. Money flowed for the Spanish bird, which was matched by Casey from his money bag at reasonable odds. The next foray by the Spanish bird drew blood, howls from the Spanish backers and more of their money, increasing the odds on the American bird significantly. At this point, Gallagher told Casey to empty the bag, as no better odds would be obtained.

Soon afterward the American bird came alive, grasped the game cock with a claw, bit the Spanish opponent’s head off and began eating it. It turns out Gallagher had obtained a young American eagle and trained it to the task at hand. With Powhatan’s crew having increased their investment six-fold, liberty celebrations continued for a long time.

The author’s point being that long before there was a Naval War College for senior officers (established 1884), common American sailors had demonstrated the ability to conduct an Estimate of the Situation and, though ignorant of the meanings of the words Logistics, Strategy, and Tactics, could combine all three to achieve their objective. - Arne Nelson

Rob Kracht gave us a treasure of a prayer this morning...

A Prayer for Fundraisers

Good and gracious God, we recognized all life is a blessing.
We thank you for your most generous love.
Help us to always revere the sacred space where our donors and our missions meet.
Give us openness to listen to the needs of our donors.
Give us joyful spirits, and an eagerness to engage others.
Give us hopeful imagination and creative vision, recognizing generosity in even the smallest gift.
Give us strong, steadfast hearts sin times of discouragement.
Give us trusting heart, knowing that the fruits of labors will be realized long after we are gone.
Give us faithful hearts, deeply committed to Your realm.
Remind us always that what we do for the youth of Coronado, we do for you.
We ask this in your name. Amen.


The picture at the left is of course the Powhattan's Pride and on the right are President Carla and Karen Drugger who represents the beach volley ball teams in all the schools. Karen cmae to collect one of our big checks.

July 4th information--Form up at 0930 on H Ave between 1st and 2nd--in front of the horses. Dress appropriately in Goldenrod.

Rob Kracht is the go to man for prepping the viewing bleachers. If you can help in the morning give him a call to get an assignment. It is easy and very helpful.

Al Aegerter urged us to give a dime a day to help support the OI Foundation. This goes to all the programs that OI uses for scholarship, JOOI clubs and such. Al has the forms our you can go to the OI website and donate to the "Dime-A-Day" Fund.

There is no no meeting next week!

Ask Senor Bowen about the discovery of Polar Bears and Reindeer at the Zoo. Who knew

Weekly Optimist Meeting 05-16-2019

The Middle School Fav Students, Track, Robotics

The Room was full of young folks, parents, and finally Optimists.

John Bowen had orchestrated another of our special days to celebrate the youth of Coronado, and we also had on hand school activities leaders to take home our Big Checks. But first President Fargo hit the bell, Irish Flynn gave us prayer, and Karl Mueller led the pledge.

At the top left we see Coach George Green and four of his champion league track folk taking home a check for $500. The athletes are all bound for college track teams. Nick Dunn, Madden Hundley, Teresa Perez, and Sofia van Arsdale all hold school records and have been participating in invitational meets.

Coach Green said that the money we donate is used to help fund their travel. George thanked us for our help with the meets, and drew our applause for his long 25 years as his coaching career winds down with a fine team.  In the picture over to the right Don Crawford hands a check for $795 to CMS Principal Karin Mellina and Coach Todd Thielman who thanked us for funding among other items a Lap Tracker that lets the kids log the miles and miles that they run. No more pencil notes on a bulletin board. Finally, Jack Miller, next year's president of the Robotics Club takes a check for $400 from Lee Cargill and President Carla. Jack told us that this year's robot stacked plates and climbed a wall because, well, why not? Yeh!

The Coronado Middle School Student Achievement Awards were next up. We had a glowing introduction by John Bowen to cap off this third week of the Awards. Counselor Mike Crooker, Assistant Principal Brooke Falar, and Principal Karin Mellina told us all about these wonderful young people. The students were all chosen by their peers which make the award very special.Sixth graders Salma Ali and Jack Harvey were introduced by Mike Crooker. She loves dance, tennis, and is pleased to have given the speech at her elementary school graduation. This your lady wants to be a general surgeon. Jack Harvey is in advanced band, has a black belt and is into robotics. Jack want to become a cyberwarrior in the Navy.

Brooke Falar presented 7th grader Susana Pate who is a lover of softball. Susana has earned academic prizes and was awarded a special rank in the Safety Patrol. She hopes to play Division One Softball in college. Her classmate Wyatt Riebe is a Boy Scout who wants to be an eagle. After he lives a great life as a Navy pilot he would like to discover a new land species.Karin Mollina said that she loves the time that 8th grader Olivia Karnas spends in her office. Oliva is very active in Junior Optimist International as the Treasurer. She is also the local President. Olivia has a optimistic goal of empowering others. And she has a wonderful smile. Classmate Ryan Kennedy has been to school all over the country and all over the world. He loves water polo and works hard at it above his grade level. He hopes to go to the Naval Academy and fly Navy aircraft.

We sent all these youngsters back to school with blessings and smiles for them and for Mike, Brooke, and Karin as well as Matt Smith and Kevin Perez who are advisors for the Junior Optimists. Just look at all those happy faces of the youngsters and their proud parents in the picture below.

Don't forget the Ad Sales Effort. Open that manila envelope and please get busy.


Bragging: Thirty Sevey Years of Wedded Bliss and Joe Moore gives Laura dinner at the Boat House. That's how they do it in West Virginia.
Bo Blumenthal tell stories from Augusta next week.