Optimist Club of Coronado

Weekly Meetings

Thursdays 7:00 – 8:00 AM
Neptune Room | Coronado Community Center
1845 Strand Way, Coronado, CA 92118

Coffee and pastries are served at a nominal charge
Guest Speaker Program starts at 7:30 AM
Visitors are welcomed

Upcoming Speaker and Programs

October 24
Dave Jones – Mental Health program

October 31
Lambs Players BASH school program


November 7
Chris Hoffmann, Founder & CEO, VET Training & Coaching

November 14
Clint Russell and Tom Rice, Normandy Jump

November 21
Coach G

November 28
NO MEETING, Thanksgiving


December 5
Strike Force

December 12
Volunteers for America

December 19
Doors of Change

December 26


January 2

January 9

January 16
CHS Mock Trial Competition

Weekly Optimist Meeting 10-17-2019

STEP Program Charlie Ahern lead us off with a prayer of thanksgiving for our gathering and fellowship and Jean Radcliffe started off the Pledge of Allegiance GUESTS: We had one guest and one party crasher this morning. Tony Tervainen was our guest and speaker. The...

Weekly Optimist Meeting 10-10-2019

Generate Hope Charlie Ahern lead us off with a prayer of thanksgiving and asking our God to bless with the energy and enthusiasm to follow the Optimist Creed and George Kunberger started off the Pledge of AllegiancePRESIDENT'S ANNOUNCEMENTS The BOD approved $375 to...

Weekly Optimist Meeting 10-03-2019

Bears, Seals and Penguins, OH MY! Mike Lavin lead us off with a prayer of generosity written by St Ignatius of Loyola and Laz Waczek started off the Pledge of Allegiance. GUESTS: We had two guests this morning. Chuck Schroeder and out Guest Speaker Blaise...

Weekly Optimist Meeting 09-26-2019

Coronado Housing Challenge Charlie Ahern lead us off with a prayer of thanks for those who severed as Club Officers in 2018-2019 and a blessing on those who will serve in 2019-2020. Recently returning member Bridgette Jorgenson started off the Pledge of Allegiance  ...

Weekly Optimist Meeting 09-19-2019

San Diego Port Authority Briefing Pat Kelly lead us off with a prayer that reminded us all of the value of time and our responsibility to be good stewarts of the time we have in this life. Carla took the lead on the Pledge of Alliegence   GUESTS: We had a plethera of...

Weekly Optimist Meeting 09-12-2019

Coronado Unified School District Charlie Ahern lead us off with a beautiful prayer for all the victims of 9/11, the brave first responders and all the people who have sacrificed since that day to keep us safe. The Pledge of Allegiance seemed to just start...

Weekly Optimist Meeting 09-05-2019

This morning's meeting was a little cattywampus. We started late, ended early, the Coronado Sailing team did not show up to collect their check, we had our guest in the first half, and never got a potty break. Might set a new standard for meetings. Who knows.   Chris...

Weekly Optimist Meeting 08-29-2019

AMAZING GUEST SPEAKER - NASNI CO Tim Slentz Another great Optimist morning...did anyone see that spectacular sunrise? I did, but forgot to get a picture. Carla rang the bell and Cynthia lead us in prayer and we welcomed back Paul Demke who started the pledge. We...

Weekly Optimist Meeting 08-22-2019

SCHOOL STARTED...WATCH THE KIDS! It was a full meeting of 47 members and five guests, Tom Gorey, Shannon Pavell and Mo Gooch!...two with applications in their hands...come next week for the induction of two new members. I think the bell rang, but with all the...

Weekly Optimist Meeting 08-08-2019

SPORTS FIESTA 2019 #'S President Elect Dennis was at the helm and the mic was not working... USE YOUR PLAYGROUND VOICE we all called out. Brenda used her teacher voice and shared a prayer and Dick Loomis led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Our attendance was low 38...