You are going to wear green, slide in the mud and get shot at!

Thanks to Renee for the -lovely -breakfast of pies, whip cream and other breakfast treats!

A cool morning with little dampness in the air brought out 44 Optimists but no guests. We had a prayer and the pledge…and President Doorman kicked the meeting off with history and announcements.


John Watson and Bill Parry joined your President at the VFW last Friday for the annual Toys for Tots chili cook-off fundraiser sponsored by the local Marine Corp league. Former Optimist Michael Napolitano and his wife won a prize for their entry.

Jim Jamison is finalizing the Liaison positions for the coming year…please contact him if you need to follow up.

As shown above the Lawn Bowling Trophy has returned to Coronado Optimist Club…it will be proudly displayed at the Lawn Bowling club room. CONGRATS again to the team and coach Bill Carinder.

Dec. 7th JOI kids garage sale to raise money for Childhood Cancer…drop off items to Erin’s house corner of 2nd and D Avenue.

Snow Mountain has returned to the Ferry Landing on Dec 6th from 3pm to 5:30pm…Stacy at the recreation needs our help again. Contact Diana to sign up… 619-787-9592 or

Contact Brenda Kracht
to RSVP to the Christmas Party will be
Dec 19th at the Coronado Golf Course
Feast and Fareway
5 to 6 no host bar and 6 to 9 Dinner
$53 person for a marvelous dinner and fun with your Optimists friends!
Bring in TOYS FOR TOTS at the meetings…not the holiday party this year…..

Coronado Optimist Club Annual FREE Thanksgiving Movie is still in the planning….8-10 volunteers will be needed from 0830 to the end of the movie…as soon as Leslie and Don have the details another green sheet will be sent out for volunteers and final details.


Historical Info: The fact that today is the anniversary of the first human flight in a free balloon, back in 1783, is of only passing interest as we continue to explore the galaxy and send manned flights into space.

Also, little remembered, on this day in 1620, self-government began in the U.S. in deep water aboard the Mayflower off the New England coast when the Pilgrims signed the Mayflower Compact for what they called “a civil body politic”. Today civility has suffered greatly since that grand beginning.

Finally few remember that on this date ,in 1694, Francois-Marie Arouet was born in Paris, France. His pen-name was Voltaire. Among his wise observations was a remark that “The way to be a bore is to say everything”. Since I do not want to bore you here today I will stop today’s history lessons.


  • Irish bragged on his daughter Liz as she completed a 50k in SF.
  • Lyman shared about his niece’s birthday today.
  • Bob Kennelly’s son is living in Fargo, ND and Bob recommends visiting the air museum when you are there.


Paul Dudley celebrated 25 years with the club on Nov.17th. He was sponsored by Jack Davis.

Birthdays: Morgan Miller was born Nov. 16, in Yuma,AZ.; and, Bill Carinder was born Nov. 20th in Independence, KS.


Marta Radcliffe was the big winner this week…don’t spend it all in the same place! CONGRATS!


Our guest speaker FTA’D (FAILED TO APPEAR…maybe he thought it was Turkey Day…so
Don “Crawdaddy” Crawford stepped in as an inspirational speaker and to share his path to becoming a SEAL.

Don’s dad advised him there were three choices after high school: military, college or get a job. Don decided on college and started at Utah State, but things would take a turn as he talked to recruiters in the military.

Don took a few tests and scored so high the recruiting officers said Don could practically pick any job….He told he dad he was joining military and dad’s response, ” You are going to be wearing green sliding around in the mud and being shot at.”

As the story continued and more tests taken by Don which he continued to score well in he was asked if he would be interested in being a Navy Frog. Now the tests were swimming, running and physical screening…again Don excelled in the tests. Yeah new recruit Don, but he was sent to Coronado and told now you will be a SEAL… his response “What happened to being a FROG, I don’t want to be a SEAL.”

In 1967 Don was assigned to SEAL Team 1 and told he was going to be running around in jungles and shooting people… A quick call to Dad with the news, “Well, Dad looks like I will be wearing green, sliding around in the mud and being shot at.”

Don’s class of ’42 started with 171 recruits, graduated with 69 in July 1967.

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