We had 39 members at the meeting and President Dennis settled them down with the ring of the bell. Irish led us in prayer and Lee started the pledge.

We welcomed JOI kids from Coronado Octagon Club-Cole, Kaylie and Olivia and they bragged on our Optimist Club for all the support we provide for them. JOI kids are having their annual garage sale to raise money for Childhood Cancer. The location is TBD, but date is Saturday Dec. 7th and drop off items can be dropped at Erin Downey’s house the corner of 2nd and D Avenue.


Round Table on Friday at the Winn Room at 10am… speaker is Mayor of Imperial Beach.

Contact Brenda Kracht to RSVP to the Christmas Party will be Dec 19th at the Coronado Golf Course…
5 to 6 no host bar and 6 to 9 Dinner…. more to come but mark your calendars! Bring in TOYS FOR TOTS at the meetings…not the holiday party this year…..


Historical Info: On this day, in 1889, a newspaper reporter who called herself Nellie Bly was sent off by The New York World (perhaps the predecessor to the Times) to try to travel around the world in less than 80 days. She made it in 72. One hundred thirty years later travel has sped up greatly but the same problems are present at the stops along the way. Also, Moby Dick was published in 1851 on this date.


Carla had a brag but forgot it…Dr. Mullins was in the house with his Homecoming King Cole…parents love to embarrass their kids.
Cynthia bragged on Leslie getting a journalism award at the SD Journalism conference.

Dan Henrickson’s grandson came thru heart surgery with flying colors…Renee bragged and thank Caroline Lull and her co-workers for their presentation to 5th graders about banking.

Lee Cargill’s grandson is playing Aussie Rule football and awarded Rookie of the Year….Al Aegerter praised the JOI kids for a great quarterly meeting and to Carla for having a road named after the Fargo’s at Camp Surf.


Golfer extraordinaire, Paul Dudley took home the winnings this week.


Lee Pontes with 6 yrs. on Nov.11, 2013, sponsored by Matt Pontes; also on Nov.11, 2014, Kevin Schaeffer with 5 yrs. by Britt Cooper; and, today, in 1990, Linda Stanton by Ted Stearns with 29 years!!


Julia Turpit, Nov.8, from San Diego; John Watson Nov.11, from Seattle,WA; Mark Blumenthal Nov.13 from Albion,MI.; and, George Kunberger, Nov.13, from Philadelphia, PA.


Our guest speaker Clint Russell… Doctor, parachute jumper, and Cross Fit Coronado owner.

Clint trained 98 yr old Tom Rice of the 101 Regiment…Clint helped get Tom ready to jump over Normandy for this year’s 75th anniversary of D-Day.

Clint needed to get Tom in shape for the jump. Clint first tested Tom’s skills of walking, getting up and down, and picking up small objects… for those getting older or more seasoned as I like to call it….these three areas are important to keep yourself in good shape and mobile.

We watched an amazing video of Tom’s tandem jump and somewhat ungraceful landing… but he did an amazing job. Tom now wants to jump for the 101st when he turns 101.

Next Week’s Speaker

Motivational “Coach G” aka Gerald Aldred

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