Good morning Optimists. Bob led us in an inspiring prayer and Clint started the pledge. President Rob’s Quote was a appropriate for the day:
The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural. – Darth Sidious / Sheev Palpatine

  1. The Board of Directors will meet on Monday, November 2 at 6pm at Feast and Fairway. Main topic will be approval of budgets.
  2. This week’s dine in/take out Optimist meeting is tonight at Serrano’s, 530pm to 700pm. If you want to RSVP, you can send me a text at 619.347.1559.
  3. I am still looking for volunteers for a group that reaches out via phone to Optimists that under the circumstances are unable to join us for meetings and other events.
  4. Coronado neighborhoods will be holding a peaceful protest on Halloween. Your children are encouraged to come, in costume and wearing a mask to hide their identity. They will walk around and protest the cancellation of Halloween. Please bring a bucket or bag, so the children can loot neighborhood homes of special treats. Spread the word, and we’ll see you out there. (…. PSYCH …. Rob made this up)
  5. CHRISTMAS DINNER – December 10, 2010, 5pm at Feast & Fareway, Coronado Golf Course. Make plans to join us; they do have a limit on attendees due to state/county health orders. More details to come via mail and separate Green Sheets.
  1. Charlie Ahern has volunteered to be the POC for our meeting prayer. Contact him to step up.
  2. Kirk Henry and Jim Jamison have agreed to be the 2021 Auditors.
  3. Diana Drummey (assisted by moi) will handle the Oratorical, Contest in her spare time.
  4. Carla told some pretty terrible Halloween jokes, but this one got a laugh:
    • Knock, Knock
    • Who’s there?
    • Defeat
    • Defeat who?
    • Defeat bones connected to de ankle bones.
  • Someone bragged about the Lederhosen Lee Cargill wore at the Oktoberfest dinner. I guess it was something to see.
  • Cynthia bragged about Leslie Crawford’s recent Journalism award. Don paid it forward with $10 for the kitty.
  • Roy Mantz bragged that we have had 3 club members on the Avenue of Heros: Dave Nash, Wynn Foster and Buck Rodgers. Roy is working on Jake Sloan’s application. Great choice. Cynthia chimed in that one of our newest members, John Downey has also been on the Avenue of Heros.
  • Jim Callaway bragged/announced that he is competing in what might be the first post Covid race in Laughlin, Nevada
  • November 1 ; Kirk Henry ; 19 years, brought in by Eric Raiter
  • November 5; Julia Turpit; 2 years, brought in by Lyndsey Arendsee

No Birthdays this coming week.


Everyone not wearing a pin got dinged. Someone said they had it on their underwear. They still got fined.


Category is MUSIC. It is MULTIPLE CHOICE: A lot of famous musicians have resided in San Diego at one point. But one of these did NOT reside in Coronado. Which one did NOT?
A. Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots;
B. Nick Reynolds of The Kingston Trio;
C. Mojo Nixon, solo artist; or
D. Jim Morrison of The Doors.

TRIVIA RULES – President Rob will announce a topic and ask a trivia question during our ZOOM meeting.The trivia question will also be in the Green Sheet. You earn points three ways:
(a) 1 point for answering within four hours of the meeting;
(b) 1 point for answering within 24 hours of the Green Sheet being posted;
(c) 1 point for getting the correct answer. So, max 3 points per question.
Apparently Rob will be giving out prizes monthly, most likely gift cards.

Past Governor Diana Drummey

One of her post governor duties is bing the Club’s OI Foundation representative for 5 years. She gave a slick presentation on the mission of OI Foundation and how they seek, receive and manage funds for the benefit of OI and it’s member clubs. This year is the 50th anniversary of OIF and there are several anniversary campaigns. Easy as pie! There is a variation on “dime a day” which started a last year. If you gave $36.50 (dime a day) you got something. If you give $50 during the big 50th anniversary year you’ll get something even better. Diana hopes our Club can kick in $500. What do we get from OIF? Lots! They support the World Oratorical contest; give new project grants to Clubs ($500); give $500 to winner of the “Reel Optimism Video Contest” at JOI conventions (we have won several times); give scholarships and new club building grants, etc. On a per capita basis, Coronado does not rank near the top in our District. We can do better. Just open your hearts and wallets. Diana will make forms available for these programs, as well as The Presidents Club, Honor/memory of a Veteran, and Women’s Philanthropic. Contact her at ddrumedge@att.net.


hopefully Coronado SAFE

Promise yourself ….

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