Good morning Optimists. 25 members tuned in, including several first timers. That’s getting close to the number that attend meetings some weeks! President Rob led in a lovely prayer for our schools. Word has it Charlie Ahern will be looking for members to help with the morning prayer. Shoot him an emaIl if you are interested.

THIS MORNINGS SPEAKER was KARL MUELLER, who gave a fabulous point presentation on school instruction during Covid 19. Working with guidance from the CPH officials and SDCHS, school board got a plan, implemented the plan, changed the plan as they learned along the way, then went forward with the new plan. We can only guess how many times this occurred since March 13. Currently 85% of parents of students in grades K through are experiencing in class instruction. They hope grades 6-12 will have classroom learning by December 1st. The hold up there is that until they are confident these students will have the same or a better quality educational experience than learning on line, they will remain with distance learning. Classroom instruction has it’s own set of problems. The model CUSD has adopted to fight Covid is called COHORT TRACKING. It has been extremely successfully in keeping classrooms open. Karl’s power point demonstrated how the district was guided by the tenants of the OPTIMIST CREED in their decision making process. Could we have a greater compliment? Finally, Karl told a story about a minister being shown a picture of a glass of water. He was then asked whether he saw the glass as being half empty or half full. He replied “That’s a beautiful glass.” Watch for teachers wearing t-shirts with this message.


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  1. The Board of Directors met on Monday, October 19 at 6pm. We discussed a lot of things, primarily budget issues. The Foundation Board authorized checks to: Wyatt Riebe ($500) for his approved Eagle Scout project and also CHS Cheer ($150).
  2. This week’s dine in/take out Optimist meeting is this Saturday evening at Mathewson/Larison Park, in conjunction with the Marine League virtual Oktoberfest, from around 5pm until dark. Planned picture time is 530; separate green sheet with details have been sent out. You can come by even if you don’t order Oktoberfest food. If you want to RSVP, you can send me a text at 619.347.1559.
  3. I am still looking for volunteers for a group that reaches out via phone to Optimists that under the circumstances are unable to join us for meetings and other events. Four Optimists have stepped up so far and I am grateful for that.

  4. I am pleased to announce the return of grey-rimmed glasses to Jim Zoll. They were lost at the installation dinner.
  5. Lastly, one of the proposed budget items was a replacement laptop. John Watson has graciously agreed to donate one; details to follow. We will be using it for our accounting as well as other club record keeping.
  1. Be on the look out for an important email with a request from Optimist DON CRAWFORD asking that everyone PLEASE REVIEW THEIR DIRECTORY LISTING FOR ACCURACY. The current membership roster will be attached to the email. Please do ASAP. Super easy.
  2. You’ll also be getting an important email with JIM JAMISON’S request for everyone REVIEW THE LIAISON ROSTER, ASAP. Please shoot him am email at his official address –

Rob bragged on Cynthia and Diana for their amazing efforts getting the Zoom meetings to work! You have to have a PhD to figure this stuff out. Just attend a meeting to see them in action.

Doug Grossmann bragged on his son’s successful Freshman at Northern Arizona University. He scored straight A’s this term despite the unfavorable conditions – like getting to have pizza for lunch in the dining hall.

Cynthis sent a big cudos out to her sister in/near Caty, Texas who is incharge of 66 schools.

  • October 22 JACK COUTURE – born in Boston, Massachusetts
  • October 25 JIM ALLEY – born in Sacramento, CA
  • October 26 MIKE CROLL – born in Niagara Falls, NY
  • October 22 Cheryl Sylvester celebrated 5 years, sponsored by Jim Zoll
  • October 28 both Brenda and Larry Kracht celebrated 10 years. Both were sponsored by Dick Madouse

Category is MUSIC. It is MULTIPLE CHOICE: A lot of famous musicians have resided in San Diego at one point. But one of these did NOT reside in Coronado. Which one did NOT?
A. Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots;
B. Nick Reynolds of The Kingston Trio;
C. Mojo Nixon, solo artist; or
D. Jim Morrison of The Doors.

TRIVIA RULES – President Rob will announce a topic and ask a trivia question during our ZOOM meeting.The trivia question will also be in the Green Sheet. You earn points three ways:
(a) 1 point for answering within four hours of the meeting;
(b) 1 point for answering within 24 hours of the Green Sheet being posted;
(c) 1 point for getting the correct answer. So, max 3 points per question.
Apparently Rob will be giving out prizes monthly, most likely gift cards.

The one and only DIANA DRUMMEY will be catching us up an all things Optimists. Should be riveting.

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