Sarah Kauffman was our guest speaker for the Optimist Zoom today
Alaska to
Florida to
And 50 states across USA… and back home here in Coronado
Sports teams and mascots still reign supreme…
This 2 lb cheese bunny can stir up as much excitement
Or a 40 lb cheese puppy
Or a 600 lb cheese milk truck
Or my newest Guinness World Record gator 3,121 lbs 66” tall x 48” diameter.
Mew to my cheese gallery are concert fan fare events… Carrie Underwood
Back street Boys
And other famous cheese hero’s Like Superman
Sponge Bob
Harry Connick Jr
Martha Stewart and Snoop Dog
And Coronado Optimist own beloved Dan Hendrickson and bro for 80th birthday immortalized as cheese basset hounds
Dispute all cheese events cancelling during Crazy COVID-19 I look ahead With Optimism
(Like Mike McCarthy of the GB Packers)
And I will Always put my best cheese foot forward as I step in to new cheese challenges soon to call.