Good Morning Optimists….
President Rob kicked off the meeting with a prayer and Bob Kennelly led us in the pledge. President Rob introduced our guest Cheese Lady Sarah as our speaker.
President Rob welcomed everyone as he started his year leading Coronado Optimists. Lots of praise and bragging to all involved for providing a great installation last week at Larison Park.


As members trickled in this morning President Rob shared a quote from Jimmy Buffet and Bo Blumenthal is stepping in to be Temporary Foundation Treasurer until the position is fulfilled.

This evenings dinner event will be at Costa Azul from 5:30 to 7:30…come for a drink, eat or just to socialize..pls RSVP ASAP to Rob at 619-397-1559. An idea was also shared by Mo Gooch to have the 50/50 drawing at the evening Optimist events.
President Rob is looking for volunteers to help make phone calls to several Optimists who are unable to make the morning zoom mtgs or the evening dinner mtgs.

President Rob said the installation event was such a success, members requested more of this type of event…bring your own meal/drink and enjoy our fellow Optimist fellowship.


Match the movie with this quote: “No one cared who I was, until I put on the mask.” Is it ?

A. The Dark Knight Rises
B. The Man in the Iron Mask;
C. The Phantom of the Opera
D. V for Vendetta


“It takes no more time to see the good side of life than to see the bad.”


In a follow up green sheet asking all members to verify or correct your email, address, and phone number information for the directory. Don Crawford is updating and would like to have the directory out end of October.

CALSO Gov Bill Parry encouraged fellow Optimists to call each other to have a big turnout for this evenings dinner at Costa Azul.

External VP Jim Jamison will be following up with members re: Liaisons chairs for the various clubs, groups and sports teams we support. If you would like to step down please work on finding your replacement to help Jim with his job.

Jim Cooper is healing and staying at Sharp in SD…


8-14 OCT
Bret Gary, eighteen (18) years, sponsor Lee Cargill
Cynthia Kosciuczyk, nine (9) years, sponsor Dick Madouse
Teresa Leighty, twelve (12) years, sponsor Diana Drummey


8-14 OCT
None in club, but if you see former member: Lyndsee Arendsee, 9 OCT, Coronado, CA


I (Drummey) bragged again about the wonderful and creative Installation dinner last week…our club continues to make strides to keep our club strong.

Rob bragged too again about the installation dinner which saw a showing of 57 perhaps more attendees.

If anyone lost a pair of grey-rimmed glasses or a colorful mask at the Installation dinner, please contact me or Dennis.

Interactive Trivia: How this hopefully will work: At each meeting, I will tell you a topic and ask a trivia question. This trivia question will also go on the Green Sheet. You earn points based on three things: 
(a) 1 point for answering within four hours of the meeting;
(b) 1 point for answering within 24 hours of the Green Sheet being posted;
(c) 1 point for getting the correct answer. So, max 3 points per question. Participation is completely optional.
How to answer: send an email to or send a text message to 619.347.1559. 
Please do not blurt out the answer at the meeting (give everyone a chance at fair play).
At the end of the month, I will count up points. If you have the most points, you get a gift card. If there is a tie, a random draw will determine the winner.
I will try to keep track of total points throughout the year for end-of-the-year prizes, but no promises there.
Topics can include: our club, Coronado, movies, sports, US/World history. You can also submit suggestions for topics and questions to me directly. 
So, here is our first official question, and the category is Movie Quotes. To make it easier on you, this is a multiple choice. Ready? 
Match the movie with this quote: “No one cared who I was, until I put on the mask.”
Is it A. The Dark Knight Rises; B. The Man in the Iron Mask; C. The Phantom of the Opera; or D. V for Vendetta (read the choices again)
Because you have time, you can Google the correct answer, but what’s the fun in that?
occ 10-08-2020

Guest Speaker:

Sarah Kauffman

We are honored to have Sarah Kauffman The Cheese Lady!

Sarah shared she has traveled from Alaska to Florida back to Coronado. Carved cheese for the NFL…Harry Connick Jr…sports teams and celebrities…even our own Dan Henrickson. Her newest Guinness World Record gator 3,121 lbs 66” tall x 48” diameter.

And don’t think any cheese goes to waste…many times the carvings and left over cheese are for fundraisers …cheese is made into meals/sandwiches/auction items for those attending the carving extravaganza.

Alaska to
Florida to
And 50 states across USA… and back home here in Coronado
Sports teams and mascots still reign supreme…
This 2 lb cheese bunny can stir up as much excitement
Or a 40 lb cheese puppy
Or a 600 lb cheese milk truck
Or my newest Guinness World Record gator 3,121 lbs 66” tall x 48” diameter.
Mew to my cheese gallery are concert fan fare events… Carrie Underwood
Back street Boys
And other famous cheese hero’s Like Superman
Sponge Bob
Harry Connick Jr
Martha Stewart and Snoop Dog
And Coronado Optimist own beloved Dan Hendrickson and bro for 80th birthday immortalized as cheese basset hounds
Dispute all cheese events cancelling during Crazy COVID-19 I look ahead With Optimism
(Like Mike McCarthy of the GB Packers)
And I will Always put my best cheese foot forward as I step in to new cheese challenges soon to call.
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