San Diego Port Authority Briefing

Pat Kelly lead us off with a prayer that reminded us all of the value of time and our responsibility to be good stewarts of the time we have in this life. Carla took the lead on the Pledge of Alliegence
GUESTS: We had a plethera of guests today. Really too many for our note taker to fully capture, but this is what was recorded:
Coaches Green and Downey of the CHS Cross Country Team along with nine members of the team. Adm. Bonelli (Guest Speaker) and Marguerite Elicole from the Port Authority. Bridgette Jorgenson, a returning member. Phillip Marsden, Tom Gorisy, Dominic Davis and Dean Morris (new applicant, yipee).

GUEST SPEAKER – Admiral Bonelli

Our Guest Speaker today was Admiral Bonelli, Commissioner of the San Diego Port Authority. Coronado Mayor Richard Bailey introduced the Commissioner and made a point of saying that with the help of the Commioner, the community of Coronado and a few other people in the room, there had been a number of key concerns relative to the Ports plans in Coronado positively resolved. Most notable being that there would not be a new hotel at the landing and the would not be a promanade on the bay on Coronado.
The Commissioner then gave us an overview of the scope of responsibility of the Port Authority and a brief update on some of the projects in discussion for further development of the Port of San Diego.
Overview of Scope: The Port of San Diego touches five different cities and thus it’s a state agency vs a city agency. It cover 51 miles of shore line and 6000 acers.
Key Projects:
  • Shelter Island Boat Ramp
  • Harbor Island 600 room hotel
  • Airport Terminal 1
  • Upgrade of cruise ship area. Cruise ships bring in $600k/day of commerce to the city and $2.0M/day if the cruise starts and stops in SD
  • New Hotel at the Midway Museum
  • Sea port Village redevelopment
  • conventions center expansion
  • new performance center on the bay
  • 10th Ave Marine Terminal
  • Ship building and repair facility
  • Pier 32 in National City
  • PASH Car Imports one of ten cars imported to the US
  • Chula Vista Bayfront, hotel and convention center
  • Bridge Suicide Barrier
We want to thank Commissioner Bonelli for giving us such an entertaining and informative overview of things going on around the Port of San Diego.


  • Pat Kelly bragged that his son Robert made Lcdr.
  • Carla bragged about how awesome our club is.
  • Dianna thanked everyone for all their support while she was Governor.
  • Lyman bragged that he finally washed his hat. Thanks Lyman.
  • The Ding master was all over the map today, mixing dings with praise. It was a little hard to keep track but this is what I think happened.
  • Bill Parry was dinged for not mentioning he was an Optimist in and article in Crown City Mag about Sarah, but then was forgiven when Leslie Crawford said she edited it out of the mag.
  • The Ding Master fined his own son Bo for being late, but then felt badly and paid the fine for him.
  • Our Mayor got all kinds of praise for just being a “good guy” Is the Ding Master thinking of running for office?
  • Lee Cargill shot three scores of 64, won money and got coverage, but forgot he was an Optimist
  • Don Crawford got dinged for dressing up early for Halloween. He was seen running up and down Orange in a Rotarian Costume. How scary is that?

Anniversaries and Birthdays

We had one anniversary this week. Sue Cargill 19 years sponsor Lee Cargill.
We had six Birthdays, Brad Gerbal from St Joseph Michigan, Lance Massey from Pensacola, John Bowen from San Diego, Jim Jamison from Appleton Wi, Dave Bean from Hartford CT, Jim Zoll from Buffalo NY. Seems there must have been a lot of Christmas Eggnog served in those families. Think about it.


Super Frog: Irish announced that this years Super Frog was a big success with 700 athletes participating. Also the Optimist Club won an award for Most Themed Costumes with our Golden Rod Shirts, (which means money for the club). Irish also acknowledged the participation of Dave Bean, Don Crawford, Dan Hendrickson, Dave Hoppe, Floyd Humphreys, Jim Jamison Pat Kelly, Cynthia Kossciuczyk, Rob Kracht, Morgan Miller and Bob Sheridan.
Lawn Bowling: The annual match with our friendly Rotarians is scheduled for November 2. There was a sign up sheet going around today, but if you missed it, please contact Bill Carinder. He’s our Captain again his year.
Greeters: We need folks to sign up to be greeters in October. Really the most fun at the meetings happens between 6:00 AM and 7:00 AM. So come join the fun.

$Opportunity Drawings$

This week Mike Lavin won $35. When interviewed on how he would spend all that cash, he said he was headed to NYC next week and he thought he would buy a cup of coffee with the winnings. Hey Mike, coffee is only $5 here and you get free refills.


Coaches Green and Downey were in with 9 members of the CHS Cross Country Team (with sponsors Irish Flynn and Cheri Aegerter), to receive a sponsorship check for $500. They grabbed the check and took off running. Have to get practice in when ever they can.

Next Week’s Speaker

Mayor Richard Bailey


Installation Dinner: The installation dinner will be Tuesday September 24 at Spyro’s Gyros (ferry Landing) No host bar starts at 5:00 PM, Dinner Buffet 6:00-7:00, followed by the induction Program. Cost will be $30/person, (drinks are on your own). Please RSVP to Reneee Cavanaugh ( by Thursday 9/19. Come prepared with your best jokes to honor our out going PresidentCarla and welcome our new President Dennis Dorman.
Super Frog: Super Frog is just around the corner on September 15. Irish has been communicating with all volunteers via email, but apparently not everyone has received them. So if you’re a volunteer and have not heard from Irish, please contact him. Also they need help filling participant goody bags for the event. Please show up between 10AM and 3PM on Friday (tomorrow) at the base of the pier in Imperial Beach to help out. Even if you can spend just 1 hour, it’ll be very much appreciated.
Lawn Bowling: The annual match with our friendly Rotarians is scheduled for November 2. There was a sign up sheet going around today, but if you missed it, please contact Bill Carinder. He’s our Captain again his year.
Dime-A-Day: Please consider signing up for the Dime-A-Day program to help support the charitable work of Optimist International. Forms will be available at the welcome table.
WATER for LIFE: Cynthia announced that there will be a fund raising silent auction on September 21, 2019. If you are interested please contact Cynthia for details on the event.
Free Bar Stools: Bill Parry announced that he is giving away free bar stools (in good condition). The poor guy has been carrying them around in his trunk, so if you could use some bar stools (and who can’t) give Bill a call.


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