Coronado Unified School District

Charlie Ahern lead us off with a beautiful prayer for all the victims of 9/11, the brave first responders and all the people who have sacrificed since that day to keep us safe. The Pledge of Allegiance seemed to just start spontaneously. (Actually the note taker didn’t catch the name, sorry).

GUEST SPEAKER – Karl Mueller

Our guest speaker today was our own Karl Mueller, Superintendent of Coronado School District. Karl has been a professional educator for 22 years, much of in administration as a Principal and now Superintendent.

Karl started by giving us an overview of some key challenges faced by the CUSD. Probably the most significant being availability of state funding. Coronado is rated 33 out of 42 districts statewide for state funding. Funding is based mostly on the state set standards for diversification of the school population. Although Coronado is not diversified by state measurements, it is indeed very diversified when you consider the high turnover of kids in K-12 due to new families, military transfers and a high percentage of inter district transfers.

Despite the challenges the CUSD has had great success in sending kids on to further education (90%) or into the military (9%). They have done this by focusing every day on specific goals and strategies that support the districts Vision, Mission Statement, Objectives and Guiding Principles, Summarized below:

Our Vision: “We Inspire, Innovate, and Create Limitless Opportunities to Thrive”.

Our Mission: Quality Education for Life Through rigorous academic standards, high expectations, and a coordinated curriculum, the Coronado Unified School District (CUSD), in partnership with our community, will graduate students with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in higher education, careers, society, and life with the confidence not only to dream, but to determine their futures.

Our Objectives: • Our graduates will have the necessary preparation to choose their post-graduation paths. • Our community will be aware of our mission and will be involved with the education and wellbeing of our students. • Our facilities will provide the environment that ensures the success of our District’s Mission and reflects the high expectations of our community.

Our Guiding Principles: • We will believe in the potential and promise of each child • We will base decisions on what is best for students, always • We will not compromise our commitment to academic excellence and rigor • We will prioritize the physical and emotional safety of our staff and students • We will adhere to our fiduciary responsibility for budget stability and in order to sustain programs and supports which enrich students’ experiences • We will make purposeful efforts to recruit and retain highly qualified staff • We will use multiple measures to gauge the effectiveness and value of existing programs, allocate resources accordingly • We will communicate with full transparency.


  1. Academic Achievement: Using clearly defined, research-based instructional practices, curricula, interventions, and enrichment experiences, CUSD learners will perform in the top 10% of San Diego County students as measured by a variety of metrics and assessments.
  2. Budget: Present the Governing Board with a structurally-balanced budget that includes a planned spend-down of reserve funds and minimizes impacts to programs while maximizing student achievement and learning.
  3. Support: Maintain safe and supportive schools, with appropriate resources, practices, and procedures, where students and staff thrive.
  4. Communication: Establish an effective and efficient communication plan for CUSD ensuring consistent branding and messaging across all platforms.


Don Crawford bragged about his youngest son Mike who was on the Coronado Sailing Team the year they won all three National Championship Titles
Diana bragged the the Coronado Optimist Club was instramental in starting a new Optimist Club in the district for Adults with Special Needs. That is very cool.

Anniversaries and Birthdays

We had three anniversaries this week. Floyd Humphries 6 years sponsor Dennis Dorman; Chris Cervantes 9 years, sponsor Carla Fargo; Tom Caitlinill 2 years, sponsor Mark Blumenthal.

$Opportunity Drawings$

This week Paul Dudleywon $35.

Next Week’s Speaker

Port Commissioner Admiral Bonelli


Installation Dinner: The installation dinner will be Tuesday September 24 at Spyro’s Gyros (ferry Landing) No host bar starts at 5:00 PM, Dinner Buffet 6:00-7:00, followed by the induction Program. Cost will be $30/person, (drinks are on your own). Please RSVP to Reneee Cavanaugh ( by Thursday 9/19. Come prepared with your best jokes to honor our out going PresidentCarla and welcome our new President Dennis Dorman.
Super Frog: Super Frog is just around the corner on September 15. Irish has been communicating with all volunteers via email, but apparently not everyone has received them. So if you’re a volunteer and have not heard from Irish, please contact him. Also they need help filling participant goody bags for the event. Please show up between 10AM and 3PM on Friday (tomorrow) at the base of the pier in Imperial Beach to help out. Even if you can spend just 1 hour, it’ll be very much appreciated.
Lawn Bowling: The annual match with our friendly Rotarians is scheduled for November 2. There was a sign up sheet going around today, but if you missed it, please contact Bill Carinder. He’s our Captain again his year.
Dime-A-Day: Please consider signing up for the Dime-A-Day program to help support the charitable work of Optimist International. Forms will be available at the welcome table.
WATER for LIFE: Cynthia announced that there will be a fund raising silent auction on September 21, 2019. If you are interested please contact Cynthia for details on the event.
Free Bar Stools: Bill Parry announced that he is giving away free bar stools (in good condition). The poor guy has been carrying them around in his trunk, so if you could use some bar stools (and who can’t) give Bill a call.


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