Another great Optimist morning…did anyone see that spectacular sunrise? I did, but forgot to get a picture.

Carla rang the bell and Cynthia lead us in prayer and we welcomed back Paul Demke who started the pledge.

We welcomed 47 members and 4 guests…and to kick off the morning let’s install two new members. Morgan Miller sponsored by Doug Grossman and Shannon Pavell sponsored by John Watson…did you know they both had double LL’s in their name?

Past First Woman President Linda Stanton had the honors to install our new members and shared:
“You both are joining a service club who uses their time and money to support the youth of our community-We are known as a Friend of Youth. Not only are we a club, but we are a family who lends its friendship and support to its members. We try to live the Optimist Creed daily. It will be up to you to join us in following these words and setting a good example as an Optimist. We are a colorful group and wear GOLDENROD will also enjoy the green sheet our weekly newsletter.”

Shannon works for the Coronado Hospital Foundation and prior work with YMCA SD…and part of Women’s Foundation. Enjoys outdoor activities…camping/hiking and travel.

Morgan an Academy grad and flew E-2’s at Mira Mar, spent some time in Roswell with the aliens, as well as time in NYC where his kids were born. Various work after military career and moves from NYC to TX and then to Coronado. Has done our SF TRI 4 times.

Anniversaries and Birthdays

Anniversaries: Don “Crawdaddy”Crawford 18 years.

Birthdays: Chris Cervantes and Brenda Kracht… 50/50 to Crawdaddy who gave the money back to the kids.


  • DUES IS STILL DUE….PLS PAY Dr. Moore our treasurer or with CC to Don Crawford.
  • Past member, Tom Golden is turning 99 years old October 2nd…AMAZING!
  • SF wrap up tonight at Library in Ruby Room.
  • SF ADS chair job is open…Rob Kracht is taking on the presidency next year and he needs a replacement…apply now!
  • Installation of President Dennis Dorman and his new board is set for Sept 24th at Spiros Giros….MORE INFO TO COME.
  • Lawn Bowling TBD but maybe on Oct 12th…Bill Carinder says more to come!
  • SUPER FROG needs volunteers Sept 15th in the early morning hours.. contact Irish.
  • This Sunday last concert in the park at 1700 hrs… The Mighty Untouchables.
  • CALSO Convention Sept 13th, 14th, &15th…our district convention contact Drummey for more info…619-787-9592


Guest speaker, CO Tim Slentz shared lots of information about NASNI and the 7 other bases he oversees(seas) haha as the CO.

Slentz opened with a joke…Two wrongs don’t make a (W)RIGHT, they make an airplane.
The 8 bases are the largest west coast command with lots to monitor and keep happy. FLEET, FIGHTER, FAMILY… The Navy Family framework builds a stronger family which then builds and supports the fleet and active duty staff.
Slentz shared there are the child/youth programs, community recreation/events for families and leisure time as well as their partnership with CUSD. Much of these programs are supported through MWR….the gym on the bases, concerts for families, bridge walk, wolf(dog) walk, youth sports, and beach camp outs.
CUSD/COPD School Liaison officer is and has been key to helping military kids adjust to school and any issues in the community. 40% of the kids at CUSD are from military families.

Recently NASNI had the Navy Wounded Warrior trials and the athletes were able to use CHS track for the trails. Thank you CO Slentz again for your support of our SF and your work in the community of Coronado.

Throwback Thursday

(Left) Lauren, Molly, Zoll, Cheryl and nephew?
(Right) Floyd Humphries….4th of July.

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