President Elect Dennis was at the helm and the mic was not working… USE YOUR PLAYGROUND VOICE we all called out. Brenda used her teacher voice and shared a prayer and Dick Loomis led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Our attendance was low 38 summer vacations I guess and we welcomed 5 guests… Kyle Riley was a guest of Paul Lull, but Paul was UTL(Unable to locate), and our other guests were our speakers and support, Stephen, Brady, Dominic and Jonathan.

Medical Report

Sue Cargill is home healing from a new knee and Joan Larison took a tumble breaking her hip, but she and Jack are tag team nursing each other to better health.

SF wrap up down and dirty…big thanks to Rob Kracht for all he did with his team of Cynthia, Al and Dick. Funds look like we will finish out this year’s SF with between 49k to 50k.

If anyone needs SF t-shirts for sponsors or wants to buy a shirt…call or email Drummey 619-787-9592 or

Some numbers Triathlon-70, 5k-74, Ocean swim-26, Volleyball-14 and Lawn Bowling-16. And again amazing party at the Krohne’s…margaritas were the best!


  • August 10 – Laz Waczek born in National City, CA
  • August 11 . Christian Esquevin born in Marseilles, France
  • August 13 – Matt Smith born in Chula Vista, CA
  • August 13 – Sara Stillman born in Boston, Mass
  • August 14 – Floyd Humphreys born in Memphis, TN

Super Frog is coming up on September 15th at 0600 to 1300 hours… sign ups with Irish Flynn: duties are assistance at SR75 and Rainbow and inside the VIP Tent.

Some brags, dings and 50/50 went to Crawdaddy again who donated back to the kids.. If you need to store any equipment etc for our club, we have a storage unit…contact Erin, Bill Barry or Don who have the keys and can assist you.

Stephan Dela Cruz was our speaker, and a surprising and engaging fellow is he. Stephan began in Karaoke mode singing “I Believe I Can Fly” and quickly gave us reason to believe that his life has been, and continues to be, an amazing one. From time in a juvenile hall cell charged with attempted murder of his father to heading a business with 600 employees today, Stephan has led first a misdirected and then a directed life. Stephan found a mentor–or rather he worked at finding the right person and convincing that person that he should take on the young man who called for help.

Through his own success Stephan decided to become a Superhero by passing on his VISION to others. His vision is in the power of words–and Stephen certainly demonstrated to us that power.

Further he talked of making an IMPRESSION of INFLUENCE. He advised us to live so young folk will want to want to copy our actions. And Stephan asked us to be aware of the POWER, Authority, and Responsibility we all hold in our lives and to use our time to mentor the next generation which is yearning for teachers of life.

Throwback Thursday

DUES IS STILL DUE…send checks to Treasurer Dr. Moore or at the meeting Don Crawford will take credit cards.

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