United Through Reading And Eagle Scout Presentations

President Carla rang the bell and we settled in for our morning meeting. Lyman gave the prayer and our breakfast host, Renee lead the pledge.

If you missed today’s meeting you missed chicken sausage biscuits, fruit, and hard boiled eggs. Renee only has a few weeks more off from school to spoil us with great meeting breakfasts. Renee also supplied table favors this week…Coors, Coke, Modelo and La Croix soda…left overs from SF BBQ party. Don’t miss the meetings – who knows what she will cook up next week.

We had 44 members at the meeting and five guests, two with applications in hand. John Watson brought in Shannon Pavell from the Coronado Hospital Foundation. Doug Grossman had his Navy buddy, Morgan Miller come and take home an application. Dick Madouse was home do PT, but Joan was escorted by her son, Scott Baylock. Gooch’s chauffeur, Mo was in the house and our meeting speaker, Perry Yee.

President Carla welcomed back into the fold, Laura Lynn with her new name-tag and her guest, Coco Channel her companion dog. Laura was a member from 2001 to 2016, and prior to her and the family moving, the entire Meek family was part of our club. Now that is a first! We are thrilled to have her home, but she is looking for a place to live ASAP.

Another successful SF finished up on Saturday with a fun dinner and music at Ted Krohne’s house. A debrief of the numbers etc will be shared at next week’s meeting. If anyone needs tshirts for sponsors $400 and above, let Diana know and she will get your a shirt for the sponsor.. call or email her…619-787-9592 drummedge@att.net.

Board of Directors had a meeting on Monday and awarded $1,000 to CHS Sailing Team.

  • Anniversary: Doug Grossman
  • Birthdays: Dr. Moor and Mo Gooch!

A cards was sent around for member John Bassert, who just had knee surgery…Dan Hendrickson has additional info.

50/50 went to Governor Elect Jim Zoll..total of $42.

Bragging: Carla bragged on all volunteers for SF.
Zoll bragged on son in law, who’s mother is Cheryl Sylvester as he participated in the SF
Gooch bragged on Renee for a great meeting breakfast
Cynthia bragged on her ongoing business adventures
Laura Lynn bragged on Justin High 5 and surviving a weekend with 30 young adults celebrating Victoria Rose’s 21st Birthday.
Mark bragged on Bill Carrinder saving a ferry ticket from the rocks-you had to be there to hear the full story.

A few dings from the ding master, but he really hammered our educators… Renee, Karl, and Lee….BE KIND TO OUR TEACHERS!

Our guest speaker, Perry Lee retired as a Navy Seal and started a non profit called Active Valor. Retired military become mentors for Gold Star Families kids. The original mission was to have a mentor to one kid, but as the moms dropped off the kids, the moms became another entity of this amazing group.

The organization takes the kids on adventures with their mentors such as Capture the Flag, Zombie Hunt, and Treasurer Hunts. Together, they get to participate in mission-based adventures that promote problem solving, community building, self confidence, critical thinking, and hands-on fun.

For more info check out their webpage at: https://activevalor.com.

Throwback Thursday Sports Fiesta

DUES IS STILL DUE…send checks to Treasurer Dr. Moore or at the meeting Don Crawford will take credit cards.

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