Giving Big Checks to the Scout, Lacrosse Professionals and More

Cynthia Kosciuczyk gave us prayer and Pat Kelly started the pledge, so under the steady hand of The Crawdad we moved into the middle of July. Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts took home big checks for their programs. Guest Mo Goetschius took home the big bucks from what used to be known as the drawing. Recovering Optimist Dick Madouse used leftover titanium screws from his hip surgery to repair our plaque which graces the podium on Thursday mornings. Thank you, Dick.

Pres pro tem Crawford didn’t have jokes but did provide Coronado History Lessons to entertain. Who knew that the Coronado School district ran out of students in CHS and closed on July 11, 1901? Or that VS-42 didn’t have any airplanes when the squadron was commissioned July 1935 so they broke a champagne bottle over the duty bicycle? Planes came later.

Dues were on the mind of Don. You can either bring a check or use plastic at the meeting next week. We want to get the collection out of the way NLT 31 July, so please help out.

Bill Parry gave us a rundown on our Sports Fiesta. If you don’t have a job in our grand one-time-in-the-year event, and will be in town on July 27, contact Don Crawford for a key spot <>. And do not forget to get your goldenrod shirt cleaned and pressed for our annual picture shoot on July 25.</>

We have one more week to get our fundraising finished. Please get together with Rob Kracht with your latest donations.

Birthdays: Lee Cargill from Gridley; Cynthia Kosciuczyk from Worchester; Carla Fargo from that toddling town; Bob Kennelly from the Big Apple; Irish Flynn from 1,178-year-old Dublin, Ireland; and finally Teresa Leighty from KC, home of the best BBQ in the world.

Anniversaries: Christian Esquevin (31 years): Gootch Goetschius (30); Dennis Dorman (12); Peter Harris (6); Lyman Green (5); Caroline Lull (3); and Marta Radcliff (2).

We had a report of great things occurring at the OI Convention. Louisville was the site and we were well represented with inter alia Rosie the Riveter with her wrenches.

Our speaker this morning was Stefani Polonia representing the San Diego Seals. This is a professional lacrosse team that is starting up in town playing games at the Sports Arena. They finished last year confident that the team can make it here. Last week our own Bill Parry was honored by the club for all that Bill has done for lacrosse in San Diego.

Next week come and meet Serge Dedina, Mayor of Imperial Beach and Founder of Wild Coast. He will give us his take on the Tijuana Estuary pollution problems.


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