Before we get to the meeting here is your password “OCCyouth”. Use it to log into the Members Resources in our beautiful revised website.

And now to the meeting on this gorgeous morning. Dennis Dorman was driving the bus this morning, and he introduced Charlie Ahern to pray and Jim Callaway to pledge.

Next we had a delightful report from senior members Lilly and Kelly of our Octagon Club on their continuing assistane to the young women at the Lindsey Community School in downtown San Diego. The high school provides education for students who become pregnant or have babies. They are not left behind. The club collected $300 to provide some resources to the girls at Lindsey. Erin Downey told us about the young people who attended our meeting this morning: Lilly, Daisy, Rose, Emi, Kelly and Josh.
We had guests in the house. Sandy Anderson and Andres Schenk were with Irish. Kate Jordan was with husband Matt.

Cynthia introduced our Fire Chief Jim Lyden who told us all about the history of our fire service and the tasks the firemen do to keep our city safe. The past year the fire department has responded to 2200 incidents. Seventy-five percent were emergency medical responses, and 6% were false alarms. The department aims for a 4 minute response time 90% of the time. There are programs for the community and in our schools to prepare folks to stay safe. The chief anticipated a growth in calls for medical help and changes in the technology the firemen employ. Chief Lyden is pleased to report that all is done with 31 firefighters–about the same as the number of volunteer firemen back in 1892 when it all started.

$$$$ Giving Away The Cash $$$$

Your board of directors voted to support another team at our high school. We will give $400 to the girls’ lacrosse team.
Richard Owens won the drawing while carting our Wheel of Fortune around the room.


Mark your calendar for our SPRING FLING which will take place at the new old Mexican Village on Tuesday, April 30. Renee is taking reservations. Bring check or cash next week.

Sue Cargill advised us to be on hand at St. Paul’s (700 D) at either 9 or 10:30 AM this Sunday for a Special Canata–Wondrous Love: Suffering Servant, Crucified Christ and Risen Redeemer. St. Paul’s always has wonderful musical programs.

Matt Jordan filled out the watch squad for the Flower Show Security. No sneaking in this year.

Lyman Green will be in the park Sunday and ready to design your Easter Cards.

Eggstravaganza at the Rec Center takes place on April 20. The event runs from 12:45 until 3:30. Bring the kids or grandkids, or come down yourself to help fellow Optimists serve the goodies.


Erin Downey bragged about Jim Callaway finishing first in his class in a race last weekend.

The ever popular dingmaster bragged about Cheryl Sylvester and her granson the ballplayer. And he touted the exploits of our School Sup. Next was the letter writing skill of Irish Flynn who was praising the dedicated duo of the Cargills delivering food to the town. Buck Rogers nodded with vigor as he is one of those who is fed body and soul by Sue while Lee keeps the car running.

Anniversaries and Birthdays

Anniversaries: Charlie Ahern (19 Years) sponsored by Bill McClure, KK Keizer (19) by Diana Drummey, Joan Larison (8) by guess who, Karin Mollina and Joe Mullins (both 3 years by Jennifer Landry

Birthdays: Bill Parry from Elmira, Al Aegerter from Coro, and Jim Cartwright from Milwaukee