What a whale of a program we had this morning. When we ambled into the meeting room, if you were half awake, you noted some guys unpacking plastic guy toys that looked like they were designed for lift off. The pictures above are of a flying object and the builders of the device. Darryl Anunciado is founder of Action Drones USA, and his wife is the person who told him to stop building them in his bedroom (after he almost burned the house down) and move into a workspace.
But more about that after we note Rob Kracht and Richard Loomis checked in 45 members on board–make that 46 as Dan Hendrickson arrived at halftime.
Tom Kennelly was the guest of his dad and our friend Bob. Tom is a pilot for American Airlines.
Cynthia gave us a prayer and Sue Cargill started the pledge.
Darryl Anunciado brought his team and his great story about life with drones. His company Action Drone Inc. is 5 years old. You can only appreciate all the things they have taken on by visiting the website (google Action Drone Inc) which will give you the visuals that you need to capture what this technology is capable of and to imagine what uses our next generation will develop for drones.
From inspecting freeways for potholes to flying around the planes in the Air and Space Museum Darryl’s drones have done it. It reminds me of Jules Verne’s Captain Nemo and his Nautilus. Take a look.

$$$$ Giving Away The Cash $$$$

Your board of directors voted to support more teams at our high school. We gave $400 to the Boys’ Volleyball team, $500 to the Track and Field Team, and $795 to the Athletic Department.

Also given away were 45 optimist dollars to Joannie Madouse for guessing the right number in our 50-50.


Matt Jordan is filling out the watch squad for the Flower Show Security. Email Matt at to get on the list. Those already on the list should receive an email concerning duties, uniforms and the like soon.

More on the flower show–Our own Sara Stillman is the Chairman of the BLOOM BASH. As page 20 of your Eagle & Journal says on Saturday, April 13, after the show closes, a big party will start with food, drink, and music from 6:30 on. Sara Stillman is in charge so you know it will be fun. Reservations can be made at

Eggstravaganza at the Rec Center takes place on April 20. Irish needs a couple more folks to lend a hand. The event runs from 12:45 until 3:30.

This Saturday we take to the Silver Strand for what could be called a poor man’s FOD Walkdown. If you’ve never picked up trash and want to see what your fellow citizens leave behind, show up at the Southern end pf the Amphib Base or down at the entrance to Navy Housing at 8 AM. We should be done by nine.

Thanks to George Kunberger for writing the newsletter for the past few weeks. George and Diane got tired of the rain and went back to Philadelphia, home of the Eagles.

We received a note from Paul Demke reporting that he has been diagnosed wtth hypertrophic cardiomyopathy which is keeping him away from us, and running, and tennis. He hopes to be back in a couple of months. Keep Paul and Fab in your prayers.

Cynthia announces a search for authors in a worthy cause


Mike Lavin’s son finished the LA Marathon in great time. Roy and Kathleen Mantz celebrate 69 years of wedded bliss. Doug Grossmann’s picture was on the front page of our newspaper with his team of Boy Scouts–a proud group he led to the completion of his Eagle Scout Project.

Anniversaries and Birthdays

Anniversaries Lyndsey Arendsee sponsored by Queen Carla
Birthdays Richard Owens USA, Bob Sheridan USN, Evan Piritz USN