Caroline Lull lead us off with a prayer asking for God’s blessing on our CHS Boys Basketball Team who plays for the San Diego Division III Championship tonight against San Ysidro. Bill (don’t be a stranger) Carinder started off the Pledge of Allegiance.

GUESTS: Mark Blumenthal brought Paul Piepenkottev to the meeting for the fourth time. Paul helped with the Hwy Cleanup this last Saturday. Let’s get that man an application.

Mark also brought a potential future Optimist Jake McKanry to the meeting. Jake is a senior at CHS and met Mark last night drinking cokes at the VFW hall. Good thing Lazlo wasn’t at todays meeting.

EAGLE SCOUT PROJECTS: We had two great young men in today to pitch their Eagle Scout Projects.

Skyler McLeroy: Skyler is building a Garden Tool Shed at Cadman Elementary. The shed is needed to allow the students (who otherwise would not be able) to access and store gardening tools to work in the school garden. The shed will be made from durable wood, have a shingled roof, be mobile and will be painted Navy and Silver (the Cadman School colors) Looks like a great project.

Roman Goodmanson: is building three Industrial grade benches to provide places to sit in his Coronado School quad. Another great project.


Joy of Reading Kick Off: Tomorrow Dennis will be astounding children at the Coronado library costumed as the Cat in the Hat accompanied by Cindy, aka Marta, Lou Who with her novel hairdo. Junior Optimists will also be present. To avoid nightmares for the little tykes Bill Parry will not attend in one of his many costumes.

Also, we received this thank you note from the Junior Optimist Club for our help and donations for recent the Super Bowl of Caring food drive.


You can come and enjoy a beautiful sunrise just like this, plus enjoy stimulating conversation with Gooch, Lyman, Rich and Mike (our setup crew). How you ask? Simply contact Brenda Kracht and sign up to be a greeter. Brenda has a signup sheet going around or you can just send her a note at

Optimist Club Oratory Contest: Will be held on March 2 at 3:30 PM in the Winn Room. Come out and see some very talented kids. This years topic is ” Imagine a world without boarders”.

Prayer Sign Up for March and April: Sign up sheet is circulating or contact Charlie Ahren ( to sign up.

Coronado Round Table: Tomorrow’s speaker will Vice Adm. Charles W. Martoglio, US Navy (ret). Adm. Martoglio will speak on international issues that will shape America’s security in the coming Decade. The talk begins at 10:00 AM in the Coronado Library Winn Rm. Kirk strongly suggests that you arrive plenty early as this is bound to be a popular talk.

Flower Show Security: Matt Jordan needs a few more volunteers to help with Flower Show security. Saturday 4/18 1500-1700and Sunday 4/19 1000-1200 and 1200 to 1400. Matt needs about 8 more volunteers. Contact Matt at or call him at 214 543-8878.


April 21 5:00-8:00 PM at the the Coronado Golf Course. No Host Bar from 5-6, followed by dinner (Grilled Chicken or Salmon, salad and a dessert Extravaganza). Cost $45/person.

Reserve your place by 4/1/2020 with Brenda Kracht at or call her at 619-435-9027. Checks Payable to “Optimist Club of Coronado” or contct Don Crawford to pay by card.

John Steinbeck was born this date in 1902. His masterpiece, The Grapes of Wrath, told the story of the dispossessed Okies of the Depression and dust bowl era. It has been compared in impact to Uncle Tom’s Cabin. It not only became a part of history; it helped to make history. Not too many of us can capture and record our own times as Steinbeck did in that book; but on his birthday we can take a long, hard, searching look at our much different world just as needy of compassion and tolerance.





$Opportunity Drawing$

Rich Owens won $38 in the opportunity drawing this week.


The Ding master was really out to collect money for the kids today. Dave Bean, Dave Hoppe, Ted Krohne, and Joe Mullin were all caught without their pins.

John Bowen was late, go figure.

Kirk Henry received some local press and didn’t say he was an Optimist.

Floyd Humphreys self reported about bragging in the last meeting with out putting a dollar in.


Ted Krohne bragged about the folks who came out, despite the threat of rain last Saturday to help clean up the Strand Hwy. Thank guys.

Irish bragged about the toughness and resilience of his wife Edith, who after suffering a heart attack recently went through corrective surgery. It was a difficult surgery that few people over 75 can survive. Edith is recovering and doing well. We certainly want to pass on our prayers and best wished to Irish and Edith.

Brenda bragged about her ninth grandchild Bo who was born three months early, but is doing well.

Paul Lull bragged about the CHS Boys basketball team playing for the San Diego Div III Championship tonight against Mar Vista.

Dan Hendrickson bragged his two granddaughters number 6 and 7.

Bill Carinder bragged about the Philadelphia Eagles, whoops I meant the Kansas City Chiefs. Whoever they are.


Today is the birthday of one of America’s greatest heroes. He was cheered longer and louder than virtually anybody of his time—and he never ran for office or made feminine hearts flutter or discovered a cure for a disease. His name was George Herman Ruth, possibly the outstanding baseball player of all time but something more—the epitome of irreverent, roistering, hail-fellow well-met masculine America.

Feminized social media would crucify him today. It is worth remembering America used to have a particular fondness for rough diamonds, for people who do whatever they do better than anybody has ever done it before. Today political correctness would have ended his career before it started.

Guest Speakers:

Becky Weeks
Youth Environmental Alliance “YEA”

Our guest speaker today was Becky Weeks of the Youth Environmental Alliance “YEA”. YEA’s primary mission is to provide opportunities for youth and their families to connect with the outdoors while fostering a life long respect for our planet’s future.

YEA started 16 years ago and was primarily focused on Florida’s environment. Since that time they have expanded to San Diego, Internationally and other places in the country. YEA relies entirely on grants and individual donations to support their programs Some of their accomplishments since beginning the program include:

  • 203,212 Diversity Plants Planted
  • 2903 Trees Planted
  • 118 Pollinator Gardens Installed
  • 164,919 People served, including thousands of students taught about Environmental and Biological science in and out of the classroom

The staff consist of 10 full time employees with numerous science and technical degrees as well as over 1000 volunteers.

Their methodology requires that their programs and projects must include
seven characteristics.

  • Action Oriented
  • Experiential: they must experience the learning, not just read about it
  • Future Oriented; must be about things in the future not about things that have happened or already are
  • Holistic: Combine every aspect of environmental engineering
  • Interdisciplinary: Must involve multiple sciences. This reinforces their commitment to teaching to STEMM standards
  • Issue Oriented: Moving forward to help propose a solution to an issue
  • Inclusive

We want to thank Becky for introducing us to the fantastic program. If you would like to learn more, you can visit their website at

Next Week’s Speaker

A Representative from the Navy Seal Foundation Ironman Foundation

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