Lyman Green lead us off with a beautiful prayer reminding us to keep our hearts open to love. Googe started off the Pledge of Allegiance.

GUESTS: We had one guest this morning. Mary Watson, the club CPA and John Watson’s wife of 39 years.


TOMORROW IS VALENTINES DAY: In honor of this day of love and romance our President had the lovely Marta Radcliffe hand out a red rose to each of our members,

Pennies for Pasta:Final day of Pennies for Pasta at 11:42 AM in the office of the Coronado Middle School. Last week we had only one counter so please come help if you can.

Optimist International Awards. Dianna Drummey gave out lots of gifts, including watches and certificates, on behalf of the Optimist International to the Coronado Leadership Team for our club being designated as a Honor Club and the district being named as a Distinguished District. The club members who were honored were:

Carla Fargo, Mark Blumenthal, Joe Moore, Charles Helsper and Dianna herself.

Congratulations to the whole clib who worked hard to receive these distinguished awards last year

CHS Men’s and Women’s Golf Team: Members of the team’s alomg with their coach Stewart Gordon came in to receive a check for $800. The team intends to use the money this year to purchase some outer garmentsto use during their competion. Our guests also gave us short overview of the success the team is having including one member Crista Izuzquiza who finished third in the California State competition out of approxiamtely 5000 women who competed.

This is an important day for enlightenment in America. On this date, back in 1635, the oldest American public school, the Boston Latin School, began. This nation has been dedicated to free public education ever since. We have always wanted Americans to be educated people. We haven’t always succeeded. We have a lot of room for improvement after nearly four hundred years. Modern media and press, as well as standardized curriculum, seeks to homogenize knowledge. Let us hope we never loose intellectual curiosity in America and our tolerance of differences in thought and opinion.

This years contest will be held March 2 in the Winn Room. See Gene Rathswohl if you’de like to get involved, or just plan on coming to the event and cheer the kids on. They really are a bunch of tallented young people.


  • CHS Boys Tennis Team $400
  • CHS Girls Basketball Team $400
  • CHS Robotics Club $500



The counts on February 6th and 13th will be occurring at 11:42-1:117.
JOI Liaison is CMS Teacher Matt Smith if you have any questions:

Saturday February 22, 7:00 PM at the Coronado High School Theater. Ticket Prices range from $30 to $75. Proceeds go to support the Coronado School Foundation. Contact Renee Cavanaugh if you have any questions.

The District Quarterly Board of Directors meeting will be held this Saturday Feb. 8 at 9:00 AM in the Elk Club in Santee. All optimist are welcome to attend. Contact Al Aegerter if you have any questions.


On Feb. 8 George Bassola celebrated 5 years, sponsored by William Rogers; on Feb. 9 Mike Lavin celebrated 9 years, sponsored by your President; and, today, Michael Manning celebrated 7 years, sponsored by Jack Couture.


Jon Jacobson from Waukegan, IL. celebrated his birthday on Feb. 10.

$Opportunity Drawing$

Paul Lull won $27 this week.


Mike Lavin, Pat Kelly and Diana Drummey were all dinged for not wearing their pins today.
Leslie Crawford, Dave Bean and Karl Mueller were all dinged for failing to identify themselves as Optimist in various news reports

Shannon Peril got an at-a-boy for identifying herself as a proud optimist

Lee Cargill received a ding pass just the fact he’s been dinged so much in the past.


Floyd bragged about her company receiving their patent

Karl bragged about the success the Coronado School District had on the last round of state as well as High School standardized college entrance exams.

Bill Parry bragged about Dennis our President reestablishing the tradition of giving roses out on Valentines Day

Dennis bragged a little about how his parents first fell in love.

Don Crawford bragged about Mary Watson (our guest today) for being our CPA and keeping the club out of trouble.

Gene Rathswohl bragged about their new Granddaughter

George Kunberger bragged about his daughter making it past the final round to become a Partner at PWC


Today is the birthday of one of America’s greatest heroes. He was cheered longer and louder than virtually anybody of his time—and he never ran for office or made feminine hearts flutter or discovered a cure for a disease. His name was George Herman Ruth, possibly the outstanding baseball player of all time but something more—the epitome of irreverent, roistering, hail-fellow well-met masculine America.

Feminized social media would crucify him today. It is worth remembering America used to have a particular fondness for rough diamonds, for people who do whatever they do better than anybody has ever done it before. Today political correctness would have ended his career before it started.

Guest Speakers:

Ironman Foundation

Today we had two representative from the Ironman Foundation in to give us an overview ot the SuperFrog and SuperSeal competions held here in Cornado.

The Superfrog competition was started by a member of the local SEAL TEAMs (Lt Moki Martin) in 1979 as a way for members of the SEALs to compete in a half ironman triathlon event. The race grew in popularity and Moki eventually added the Superseal competition which actually consists of two events. One and Olympic Triathlon and a Sprint Triathlon.

The SuperFrog Competition which is now referred to as Superfrog 70.3 is held in September and the Superseal competition is held in March

In 2015 Ironman acquired the rights to the Superfrog and Superseal competitions. Ironman which is headquarters in Tampa Florida conducts Ironman and Triathlon competitions all around the world.

The Ironman Foundation is the non-profit arm of Ironman. Its primary mission is to work with local communities to give back. This consists of actively engaging in community events and cleanup efforts to making grants to local non-profit organizations. The Ironman Foundation has been a strong financial supporter of the Coronado Optimist Club in recognition of all the volunteer help our club provides at these two events on the Silver Strand.

Next Week’s Speaker

A Representative from the Navy Seal Foundation Ironman Foundation

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