Round Table at Coronado Winn Room 10am…”Art of the Sea” by Geoffrey Beaumont is the speaker.

The counts on February 6th and 13th will be occurring at 11:42-1:117-
JOI Liaison is CMS Teacher Matt Smith if you have any questions:

Thursday’s in the Coronado Middle School Conference room.
First week, however, CMS is on a different schedule which will affect the timing. Therefore the first count will be on Thursday, January 30th at 11:24-12:46

Super Bowl of Caring is here again the weekend of Super Bowl Sunday

February 2, 2020….The KC Chiefs vs SF 49ers….

Super Bowl of Caring
January 15th thru February 2nd
The JOI kids will be picking up between 10am and 1pm
contact Erin Downey 619-675-1323


Molly McKay celebrated eight years on Jan.20 sponsored by Leslie Crawford; Clint Coneway celebrated 15 years on the 21st sponsored by Stu Powell.


Paul Dudley was born January 24th in Seattle, WA and will 90 years young! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAUL

Ted Krohne was born in Anoka, Minnesota, on Jan.22 and Pat Kelly arrived in Canton, Ohio on Jan.18th; in two days Sue Cargill will have greeted her parents in Saint Joseph, Michigan.


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On this day in 1849 Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell received the first M.D. awarded to a woman in the U.S. On this day in 1964 the poll tax was barred in Federal elections with passage of the 24th Amendment to the Constitution. You no longer had to pay for the privilege of casting your vote. Voting was recognized as a right, not simply a privilege. Today anyone who arrives in the country without identification is invited to vote in a number of states. The logical outcome must ultimately be the removal of borders and nation states. A brave new world is upon us.

50/50 Jim Zoll

Guest Speaker:

CHA Mock Trail Club
Presentation of check for $375

SD Mock Trail assoc sends schools fake mock trail case that is similar to real life. Prosecution and Defense has three attorneys on each side. Witnesses are questioned and cross examined for the competition.

Each side competes against 30 other schools, for example defense against defense etc. The competitions is held in the downtown SD County Court house with a real judge. The judge on the case may question the attorneys should there be questions about the case, process, objections, and presentation of evidence. All courts are supplied by students as bailiffs, court reporters, etc..this provides the students real life court experience.

Past JOI President Cole Mullins is the prosecutor and presented the case of the murder of Taylor who had been bludgeoned.
Kelly Morris presented the defense of Bailey who has been charged with murder of Taylor.

Attorneys Bob Balfour and Todd Haas are the coaches for the student trial teams. These attorneys have the day job and law practice then volunteer to coach and train the kids for the Mock Trail Competition.

These kids are amazing… maybe we can send them to Washington DC and handle the impeachment trail with the professionalism they presented to us this morning.

Contact Todd at if you would like to have a chance to view the mock trail etc.



Next Week’s Speaker

Shannon Pavell and Nora Bosewell Sharp Memorial Hospital Updates

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