Our weekly Optimist meeting was called to order at 0715, via ZOOM, by President Rob, with a prayer from Bob Sheridan and Jim Callaway leading us in the pledge. Past President Carla was on babysitting duty and two of her grandchildren came as guests to the meeting. We had 28 shining coffee infused members at our meeting and full of questions for member, Shannon.

Quote: “Pessimism never won any battle.” – Dwight D. Eisenhower

We had a great turnout last Thurs at McP’s. Next one is Sat., January 23, at The Henry at 930am-11am. Bring your goldenrod! If you want to RSVP, you can send Rob a text at 619.347.1559. Week ahead announcement: Thursday, January 28 Calypso Café (tentative)

Our guest speaker had to beg off for another time and date. Lucky for us we have many members with lots to share, but today Pres. Rob tapped Shannon from Coronado Sharp Hospital. Members are volunteering at the vaccine clinic and there are lots of questions re: the vaccine, shot, appts, 2nd shot, and volunteering.

Several members have received all of their shots…minor soreness to their arms was the worst of issues. Some tiredness but other wise sounds like all are doing good. The clinic in Coronado will be giving the Moderna vaccine. At this time clinic is still in the first tier and first responders getting shots. You also must get an appt for the clinic.

Lots of info provided by San Diego County webpage regarding vaccine and getting an appointment at Petco Park and at the Nautilus Room in Coronado.

The vaccine clinic is up and running and continue to need volunteers. Please email or call Shannon if you would like to volunteer.
(619) 522-3758

The SD County website link below has information about vaccine and clinics:

 First Question of January: At the end of what Club year did we have the MOST members? C. 1999 (also 2000 but not one of the 4 options, 152 members)
Second Question of January, category is US History: Presidents used to be inaugurated on March 4. Who was the first president to be inaugurated on January 20? Franklin D. Roosevelt (2nd term).

This week’s question: weather: In 125 years of record keeping, how many times have the lowland areas of San Diego recorded snow? A. Two. B. Five. C. Ten. D. Twelve.

Text answers to Rob (619.347.1559) or email occ.cof.president@gmail.com

President’s Announcements
Proposed changes to the Club and Foundation Bylaws will be voted on at the February 18 meeting. We will post them with the February 4 meeting green sheets – two weeks for review.

ORATORICAL competition is set for March 3rd at 3pm via Zoom. Students can submit a prerecorded video or complete their speech live. Information will be sent to CHS, CMS, Sacred Heart and Christ Church with application and competition details. Any questions please contact Carla or Diana.

Essay Chair Dave Bean has stepped up to chair the competition and more details to follow.

Crawdaddy has finished the Optimist Directory… you can have it as a hard copy or digital. Reach out to Don and he will work his magic. udtra42@aol.com

Coronado Round Table is Friday January 22nd at 10am via Zoom.
Meeting ID: 821 7915 3192
Pass code: 075733

The title of the program is: “Afghanistan, Why Bother?”
The speaker is Coronado resident Jill Olen, who spent 16 months in Afghanistan working with a U.S. supported, NATO-led mission to train, advise and assist the Afghan government to strengthen the Rule of Law, while combating both corruption and gross violations of human rights.

Our newest member Briley Stone bragged her sister, Braelynn and husband, Westley welcomed a baby girl, Holly Tricia Heidelberger on Jan 19, 2021 at 5:17 pm weighing in at 8 lbs and 7 oz. and 21 inches long… Sounds like a very proud Aunt Briley. Congrats to the family.

Cynthia also did some bragging about her sister, Lyman bragged on his dad turning 90 and Shannon bragged on the Optimist volunteers who are working the vaccine clinic.

No dings this week, but an update on The Larisons. A lovely private family memorial was held. Family is working on moving Joan to VA to be closer to her children. Also interment for Jack may be at Arlington…still a work in progress.-

Anniversaries: 21- 27 JAN
January 21, Clint Coneway, 17 years, brought in by Stu Powell

Birthdays: 21- 27 JAN
January 22 Ted Krohne, born in Anoka, MN
January 24, Paul Dudley, born in Seattle, WA
January 25, Sue Cargill, born in Saint Joseph, MI

NEXT WEEK’S SPEAKER: Captain Jennifer Ellinger, Commodore Amphibious Squadron 7

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January 24, 1887: School starts in Coronado in a tent at 7th Street and D Avenue. 34 students attended the first term.

Jan 26, 1911: Glenn Hammond Curtiss makes world’s first successful seaplane flight from waters off Spanish Bight, a mile-long stretch between North Island and Coronado (now filled in).