Pictured: Cynthia Kosciuczyk, Coronado Hospital’s Chris Walker, Optimist President Jim Zoll.

Chief Nursing Officer Chris Walker has been working for Sharp Hospital for 17 years and has been in Coronado for the last 15 months.

Coronado’s hospital opened in 1970 and has had many changes over the last 47 years with many more to come.  The Sharp Planetree mission is more humanistic approach to health care.

You can stop in for a tasty and healthy meal with their own food grown in their organic garden.  Or perhaps you would like to stay with you family member over night for comfort and support…a couch converts into a bed, or do you want to book your emergency department appointment.. just go online. bEach morning patients receive a hot aroma towel to start the day with healing.

Come stop in and see all the changes as well as the current valet and more convenient entrance to the hospital.