We had 28 Zooming Optimists this morning and the bell rang(ding) at 0715 with Brenda Kracht leading us in prayer of the passing of our Optimist friends and George Kunberger all the way from PA lead us in the pledge of allegiance.

We lost another dear and precious Optimist member, Jack Larison on
January 10, 2021. Mark B shared his thoughts about the passing of Jack Larison aka JIGJOG. Jack had sponsored Mark three different times… unknown why Mark left the club but JIGDOG would get ahold of Mark and get him back into the club. Jack was sponsored by Stu Powell, was a Life member and past president. Jack will be missed out there on his golf cart cruising around town. The club is honored to have his two daughters Jill and Jadon Calayo with us today as well as member and wife, Joan.

“Death is nothing else but going home to God, the bond of love will be unbroken for all eternity. – Mother Teresa


Tommy Lasorda
One Summit
Tom Catlin
TCtv Media Production and E-Publishing

Our speaker today is our own Optimist Tom Caitlin. Tom kicked off his career in television in1989, He worked as a TV producer, camera man, and editor. His job sent him to Palm Springs, Orange County, LA, Nashville and San Diego.

Tom has been with Fox Sports since 2011 has won his 6th Emmy. Tom up late working and late sleeper due to work commitments so he is sorry he can’t get up early for mtgs. When COVID closed Fox Sports there was no work between March to July until baseball started.

During this down time Tom learned and started producing video magazines. He focused on people and corporations that have social media followers of over 50K. He has lots of pitches out there and hoping work will start coming in.

From 2007 to 2009 Tom worked for LA DODGERS as a web and TV show producer. In 2009 he went to Tommy Lasorda’s hometown of Norristown, PA. Tommy grew up in the lower middle class. When people talked about Tommy, they did not talk about his baseball career, but what a tough guy he was. The community remembered him as a fighter and that he boxed a lot, but you did not want to get into a fight with him.

The 2nd video and the one in which Tom won another Emmy was called One Summit. This is a video about a rock-climbing club that takes kids from Rady Children’s Hospital rock climbing and becomes mentors to these kids.  This story is about a US Navy Seal (who wants to remain anonymous) who had bonded with one of children. The Seal wanted to raise money for this rock climbing event for the kids. During the interim until the next trip with the kids the Seal fell out of a helicopter. The Seal was diagnosed with MS due to the medical attention he received.  Our Seal hero was determined to raise the money by running the Boston Marathon. Within three days he ran the marathon after he had just been in the hospital for medical procedures. The Seal hero raised the money and continues to have a relationship with this child who is also in remission from cancer.

New member installation: Today Past President Diana Drummey inducted a new member sponsored by President Rob Kracht. Briley Stone is a young 33 yr. old Chula Vista Police Officer and Coronado resident. Briley grew up in San Diego and she is the middle child of three girls. She was a competitive gymnastic for 16 yrs., before moving onto springboard and platform diving. She was a success at state championships and received a scholarship to Colorado State at Fort Collins. She majored in journalism and returned to SD. Briley worked for ABC Channel 10 News as producer and reporter, but in 2017 a career change brought her to be a police officer for the City of Chula Vista. Briley is a patrol officer since 2017 and it was the best decision she made. She loves her career helping people in the good and the bad. She lives in Coronado with her boyfriend.
Please welcome Briley to our club and we hope to see her in person soon.

The Board of Directors’ next meeting occurred on Monday, January 11. We did amend bylaws and policies, but bylaws need to be voted on by all Members and approved by OI. So, the first meeting in February, the Club will get to vote on proposed bylaws changes. The changes themselves will be passed out to everyone next week. Also, the Board approved funding requests from CHS Volleyball ($300), the Coronado Library ($382.50), and Emerald Keepers ($500).

ESSAY and ORATORICAL competition coming up…Carla and Diana are chairing the Oratorical and Dave Bean has stepped up to chair the essay competition.

PRESIDENT’S ANNOUNCEMENTS: We are now going to start announcing a week ahead, so the next one is Saturday, January 23, at The Henry at 930am-11am.
Anniversaries: 14- 20 JAN

January 14, Roy Mantz, 40 years, brought in by Wynn Foster
January 20, Molly McKay, 10 years, brought in by Leslie Crawford
Birthdays: 14- 20 JAN

January 15, Tom Kane, born in Hoboken, NJ
January 18. Pat Kelly, born in Canton, OH