- President: Bruce Johnson

The Youth Activities budget for 2014/15 was $49,000 and funded a wide range of youth activities, with significant emphasis on academic and athletic programs within the Coronado Unified School District. Additionally, the Club provided $6,000 in college scholarships. The annual Sports Fiesta raised over $40,000. The club sponsored the free Thanksgiving Day movie, Charlie Brown’s Classic Thanksgiving followed by the Lion King. A heartfelt thank you to Lance Alspaugh who gave us the theater rent free for the event. Optimists supported the Go Play, Get Fit event sponsored by the Greater San Diego Area Recreation and Parks’ Coalition for Health and Wellness. Cynthia Kosciuczyk provided a wide variety of outstanding programs at our weekly Breakfast Meetings. Al Aegerter represented our club as the Lt. Governor of CALSO District 41. Carla Fargo volunteered to become the new Secretary mid-way through the year. Tom Kane presented a check for $300 to the Jim Zoll (presiding officer) as the third-place prize in the first annual lawn bowling for charity event. Our JOI Clubs (CHS Octagon, CMS Junior Optimists, and Village Alpha Club) flourished thanks to the herculean efforts of Laura Lynn Meek, Jennifer Landry, and Carla Fargo. The Octagon Club won the Distinguished Club award for the second year. Laura Lynn Meek received the President’s Citation from our OI President for her efforts with the JOI clubs in Coronado. Jennifer Landry successfully chaperoned our JOOI students at the annual JOOI Convention in New Orleans. The Middle School effort of JOOI raised $4,347.89 in pennies to fight childhood cancer in their annual “Pennies for Pasta” campaign. Don Crawford was awarded Lifetime Membership and Lynz Arendsee was named Optimist of the Year. Year-end Membership: 123.