Young and talented orators Eugenia Dominguez and Max Kunes were First Place Winners in the Optimist Oratorical Contest and will compete at the next level with the winners from four other Optimist Clubs in San Diego. The Second Place Winner was Samantha Russell; Third Place Winner was Natalya Gomez. The four winners are students at Sacred Heart Parrish School. Other students who competed were: Ariana Martin, Sofia Rubio, Ivana Letayf, Carolina Salome, Gabriella Ryan and Adelaide McCargill.

This year’s topic was, ‘How My Passions Impact the World’. Ten students accepted the challenge to participate and all the orators excelled in their prepared speeches. Each speech was between 4 and 5 minutes long and points were awarded for content, delivery, poise and overall effectiveness. It was evident that extensive preparation had been done by all the contestants. The three judges had a most difficult time because of the high quality of every speech given.

To follow one’s passion in life is one of the keys to not only happiness but also to making great contributions to fellow human beings in the process. The passions of which these fine students spoke included; helping others in need, education and teaching, leadership and public speaking, technology to help advance the human race, music and singing, photography, physical and mental health. The importance of striving, accepting challenges as opportunities as well as integrity, empathy, kindness and character were addressed in all the speeches. The parents and teachers in the room, hearing and witnessing the positive outlook of these outstanding students, were both proud and inspired.

The Optimists want to thank the students, parents and teachers who all participated in this wonderful event this year. These Coronado students are remarkable. We are privileged to have them in our community.