Where have you been, Irish Flynn?

Your seat next to me is empty, my friend.
Has our weekly chat of Joyce’s’ Ulysses come to an end?
Thanks for sharing that your parents were buried in Dublin’s Glasnevin.

Without you at Coronado track meets, how can we determine who should win?
Your soft voice commanding: “form a cone so the long-distance runners don’t overextend.”

And what about our oratory contests?
The brave students on a quest
The warriors and their words battling
Their fears and anxieties quaking
While you guided them with courage
Without you, who will be the judge?

Don’t leave us Irish, our great supervisor overseeing
Super Seal Triathlons, Halloween Happenings,
Easter Eggstravaganzas, Sports Fiestas
Your leadership is which guided us.

Come back to us Irish, your sweet smile
A role model, for all to admire

“Don’t worry about me, Mike, me boy,
I have joined the angelic train
With Harshberger, Cooper, and the rest of the gang…
But most importantly, I am here with Him.”

Mike Lavin 3/4/21

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