Coronado Optimists are meeting now weekly via Zoom…the club started a month ago and attendance is slowing creepy up. We have about 25 attendees a month and love the opportunity to see our Optimist friends and commiserate in this tough time we are all living.  BUT we also know we are OPTIMISTS and this is not forever.  
President Elect Rob Kracht of Coronado Optimists has been diligent with several other members planning weekly Optimist outings.   Businesses in Coronado have been marvelous supports to the annual Sports Fiesta and we are returning the favor.  Pres Elect Rob selects one of the supporting restaurants in town for a weekly breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert.  All Optimist attendees are encouraged to wear their yellow shirts, masks and then photo is taken of the group.  Members can either stay at the location or do take out.  Coronado Optimists have had been able to support 15 restaurants in town so far.  Below are just a few of the photos of our Optimists donning their yellow shirts and supporting their Coronado community.

Goochs Takeout

Nicky Rottens


Tartine Breakfast