Today, our meeting was at full capacity at the Coronado Community Center.  It was Youth Appreciation for Coronado High School students.  Students were chosen by the teachers based on the embodiment of the Optimist Creed.

Principal Karl Mueller and Vice Principal Jenny Moore introduced their wonderful band of young people who, along with proud parents. Lynz Arendsee in her brightest green handed gifts to the teens as they were announced. Freshmen Jaclyn Bunker & Matt Gillingham, Sophomores Baylie Zimmerman & Justin Meek, Juniors Mary Grace Braun & Willis Taylor, and Seniors Kyana Van Houten & Patrick Erskin were picked out by their teachers as living the Optimist Creed in their school life.  Kevin Nicholls, Principal of the Palm Academy, brought faculty member Kim Strassburger to introduce Aubrey Brewer and Jacob Dawley who were the awardees from that side of D Ave.

Both Karl and Kevin spoke nice words about the relationship between the school and our yellow clad members. We thanked the parents for sending us their fine children, and then, before we knew it, they were off to school.  Congratulations to all these incredible young people, and their parents and educators, too!

Here are the Left to right identification with grade levels: Back row: CHS Principal Karl Mueller,Jaclyn Bunker(9), Baylie Zimmerman (10), Mary Grace Braun (11), Kyana Van Houten (12), VP Jenny Moore. Front row: Matt Gillingham (9), Justin Meek (10), Willis Taylor (11), Patrick Erskine (12)
Palm Academy Principal Kevin Nichols, Jacob Dawley, Aubrey Brewer, and Faculty Member Kim Strassburger.