Photo:  Optimist Pres Ahern, Scout Rafael Uribe, Optimist Scout Coordinator Ted Krohne

Burrowing Owl Eagle Scout Project Sponsored by Optimists

Eagle Scout candidate Rafael Uribe recently described his outstanding project to the Optimists.

He became aware that endangered Burrowing Owl has a major need.  This particular owl is a cute little brown and white bird that burrows under the ground during the day.  Their burrows have been threatened, the number declining significantly in recent years.

Rafael obtained a design for an underground shelter along with a materials list.  It is a fascinating design using common building materials. It will be fun for the scouts to build.  Between 8 to 12 shelters are planned for installation at NAS North Island.

Projects like these are wholeheartedly supported by the Optimists because of their obvious merit, not only to those being served, but also for the positive growth experience of all the scouts involved in completing a project.